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Are you looking for the best Smartwatch under 10000?

If yes, then you have landed in the right place and at right time. Before we jump into the list of top 5 smartwatches in India under 10000, let me tell you why this is the right place for you. Just a few months back one of our readers was impressed the way we sorted our list and left us a valuable comment-

comment on Top 10 Best Smartphone under Rs 10000 -20178 with Depth Review

comment on Top 10 Best Smartphone under Rs 10000 -2018 with Depth Review

In this present era of technology, even watches which were just used to check the time and worn for a fancy gimmick back in the day, now are able to perform some of the complex tasks of today and are known as Smartwatches.

Smartwatches, when compared to the Smartphones of today, have not developed much. But, today Smartwatches have gone through some major improvements when paid close attention to their capability of checking Smartphone notifications without having the need to pull your phone out of your pocket, checking location via GPS, paying your grocery bill with just a wave, set reminders, accept or reject calls, play/ pause or change your music, keeping the track of your sleeping and fitness sessions, etc. All this possible with just a piece of tech wrapped around your wrist, which can be paired with your Smartphone with a simple Bluetooth connection.

How did we make the list of best smartwatches in India below 10000 Rs?

The market of the new era has a ton of Smartwatches to choose from, where you can find all sorts of Smartwatches which are good and bad. But, which Smartwatch is the best for you? During our pick of best budget smartwatch in India under 10000, we took features like mobility, User interface, Android/iOS compatibility of the Smartwatch with Smartphones and fitness features under major consideration. Also, in our list of Best Smartwatch under 10000 we mentioned the smartwatch for Android and iPhone too.

The Specifications mentioned on paper/box only tell half of story but further half is covered by us and that is User Experience.

Here are the top 5 Best Smartwatch under 10000 in India

Pebble Time


  • This Smartwatch has 2.5 D curved display and corning gorilla glass protection and can be considered as one of the best budget Smartwatch under 10000 rupees in India.

Pebble Time in best Smartwatch under 10000

  • The Pebble Time Smartwatch is IPX7 splash resistant, which offers protection against occasional splashes of water and can survive submersion up to 30m.
  • The Pebble store offers over 8000+ apps and various watch faces to choose from.

What is a watch face? Here is an image example to explain watch faces-

Different faces of the Pebble Time- best Smartwatch under 10000

  • The device has 4 physical buttons for navigation. The buttons are tactile and do not trigger accidentally.
  • This smartwatch has a built-in microphone for voice notes and quick replies to text and calls.
  • The Pebble time comes with a battery backup of 5 days of moderate use.
  • This device is Android and iOS compatible.
  • The bezel is made out of 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel that makes the bezel hard and the device long lasting.
  • The UI on the Pebble Time is immersive and reader-friendly.

  • The device never gets a software update as Pebble is bought by Fitbit.
  • The Pebble Time’s display isn’t a touchscreen display
  • The device is slightly heavy.
  • No warranty included with this device.
  • Not compatible with Tizen OS.

Last update was on: September 22, 2018 10:23 am
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TCL Movetime Smartwatch


  • The TCL Movetime Smartwatch comes with an elegant round design & a premium look. Hence, is one of the best looking Smartwatch in the list of Best Smartwatch under 10000 Rs.

TCL movetime smartwatch- best Smartwatch under 10000


  • TCL Movetime Smartwatch features a 1.39 inch AMOLED touchscreen display.
  • Users are free to customize the straps however they want, allowing them to get a different touch and feel of the smartwatch
  • Comes with a heart rate monitor, calorie counter, and sleep tracking.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS.
  • The device comes with a quick charging cable and supports quick charging.
  • Weighs only 50 grams which is light and comfortable to wear.
  • Supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Features gesture control which helps you play music or take a snap on your Smartphone by a twist of your wrist.

  • The Smartwatch has no IP rating. However, the device does have some protection against occasional splashes of water.
  • The battery backup provided with this Smartwatch lasts up to just a day. In my opinion, the battery backup could have been better. Here is a list of power banks which will help you charge your Smartwatch when you are out of power – Top 5 Best Power bank under 1500 Rs in India.
  • Not compatible with Tizen OS.

Last update was on: September 22, 2018 10:23 am
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Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Bip


  • In terms of battery backup, the Amazfit Bip offers a battery backup of 45 days with an IP68 rating. Hence, this is one of my favourite on the list of Best of Smartwatch below 10000.
  • If you are looking for low budget android smartwatch then it comes 1st in the list of top 10 best cheapest smartwatches under 10k. Even, it is the best smartwatch under 7000 (when Price Drop).

Amazfit bip- best Smartwatch under 10000

  • The Huami Amazfit Bip Smartwatch features a 1.28 inch and 2.5D curved Corning gorilla glass protection.
  • This Smartwatch comes with a heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, built-in GPS, calorie meter and foot tracking.
  • The Xiaomi Mi Huami Amazfit Bip weighs only 36 grams which makes it light and comfortable to wear.
  • Huami Amazfit Bip offers an impressive and lost lasting battery backup for 45 days.
  • The Amazfit Bip comes with a built-in compass and GPS which are very accurate and useful.
  • The device has a reflection screen which gives you a better view of the Smartwatch in outdoor conditions. The Smartwatches screen gets brighter and clearer under sunlight.
  • Comes with DND mode. This feature is a must have to avoid disturbance during your important meetings.
  • If you get bored with your current watch face, then do not worry as Amazfit Bip offers a plenty of interesting and creative watch faces to choose from.
  • It has Bluetooth 4.0 for connectivity.
  • The Amazfit Bip had a smooth and minimal look.

  • The strap on this Smartwatch seems to wear out after the use of 5-6 months, giving a cheap look to the Smartwatch.
  • This device has no built-in microphone. You can’t reply to text or calls using your voice on the Amazfit Bip. You can also check our list of Top 5 Best Earphones under 500 Rs in India & Top 10 Best Earphones under 1000 Rs in India
  • When looked at the design, the device looks and feels premium but isn’t unique as it resembles the Apple watch series.
  • Not compatible with Tizen OS.

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Pebble 2 SE


  • The Pebble 2 SE has no specific uniqueness when compared with other listed Smartwatches. But, the Pebble 2 SE’s features do resemble the features of the listed best smartwatches.

Pebble 2 SE in best Smartwatch under 10000

  • The Pebble 2 SE features an ePaper screen display. the ePaper display is known to be user-friendly and easier on your eyes.
  • The Pebble store offers over 8000+ apps and various watch faces to choose from.
  • The glass used on this Smartwatch is scratch resistant which, protects the device from mild scratches.
  • Pebble 2 SE offers features like sleep monitoring, calorie meter, and foot tracking.
  • This Smart device offers a battery life of 5-6 days and supports quick charging.
  • The Pebble 2 SE is water resistant and can survive submersion of 30m under water.
  • This smartwatch has a built-in microphone for voice notes and quick replies to text and calls.
  • The 4 navigation buttons found on this Smartwatch are tactile and very responsive.
  • The device is Android and iOS compatible.

  • The Pebble 2 SE’s UI is just Black and White (No colour).
  • The device no longer gets software updates as Pebble is bought by Fitbit.
  • Pebble 2 SE has no warranty covers.
  • The Smartwatch features a non-touchscreen display.
  • Not compatible with Tizen OS.

Last update was on: September 22, 2018 10:23 am
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Boltt BSWNS0001 Hawk Smart Watch


  • The Boltt Hawk is the only smartwatch in our list to run on an Android OS. Hence, it is one of the Best Smartwatch under 10000 to run on Android.

Boltt Hawk in best smartwatch under 10000

  • The Boltt Hawk Android Smartwatch is IP68 rated. The IP68 rating protects the device from occasional water splashes and gives users the freedom to use the Smartwatch even in rain. Here is more information on  IP67 vs IP68: Waterproof IP Rating Explained [with Flow Chart]
  • The device runs on Android Smart OS.
  • Bolt Hawk Android Smartwatch has 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage.
  • Despite it being an Android Smartwatch, the Boltt Hawk Android is compatible with Android and iOS as well.
  • The design of this Smartwatch is elegant and it offers a variety of customizable watch faces and straps.
  • It has features like 24hoursr hear rate monitor, footsteps tracking, sedentary reminders, sleep monitors, accelerometer, gyroscope, built-in GPS and compass.
  • It has a built-in microphone for intelligent interaction with Google and answering calls/text.
  • The device’s connectivity features are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and 3G
  • You can download and install apps from the play store.
  • Has a battery backup for 2-3 days.
  • Has an inbuilt camera which lets you capture pictures and videos.
  • You can also insert SIM card in this Smartwatch.
  • The casing of this phone is done by 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel.

  • The OS is a little sluggish at some places. At some places the UI is rough.
  • The quality of the camera in the Bolt Hawk Android Smartwatch is very poor in low lighting situations.
  • The device is slightly heavy.
  • Not compatible with Tizen OS.

Last update was on: September 22, 2018 10:23 am
Last update was on: September 19, 2018 9:30 pm

So, this was our list of best smartwatch under 10000 in India and hope you like it and for any doubt feel free to ask via comment.

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    What about fitbit Blaze? Isnt it worthy?

    • All the Fitbit watches are great and all of them cost higher than ₹ 10000. Also, Fitbit Blaze cost higher than 10000 rupees that’s why we didn’t mentioned it.
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