5 Latest Best Headphones Under 3000 in India- [Expert Pick]

5 Latest Best Headphones Under 3000 in India 

Headphones are now almost a necessity for music lovers. But, quite obviously, not all of us have the resources to invest in an expensive pair of headphones. We, like any other product, want our headphones to offer us the best at its price. This is the reason why we have combined a list of best wireless headphones under Rs. 3000 that provide a rich listening experience with impressive sound quality, extra bass, noise cancellation and a good built.

If you’ve been searching for best headphones under 3000, then you have no need to search further, as this article covers all the best options available in the market.

How did we prepare this list of 5 headphones under Rs.3000?

The options that are provided for headphones are varied and are increasing endlessly. These varied options are comprised of worthy and unworthy that devices that customers often cannot differentiate between. We have, through thorough research, picked the top 5 headphones under 3000 based on their sound quality, durability, and battery time.

We have saved you from the time you’re sure to spend looking for a suitable device by listing options that are sure to please one or another.

Here are the top 5 Best Headphones under 3000 in India



  • Its design, despite its plastic built, is impeccable and the plastic body provides it with a feather-light feel. Mivi Saxo’s battery, of 17 hours, is long-lasting and is a bonus for whenever you’re travelling. These features, that add to it lasting long, along with its incomparable sound quality is the reason why it is first on our list of Top 5 Headphones under Rs. 3000.


  • 420 mAh battery
  • 20Hz~20KHz Frequency range
  • 115 db+/-3 speaker sensitivity
  • 32 ohms impedance
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Headphone jack 3.5mm
  • Wireless Headphone

Mivi saxo are the top 5 Best Headphones under 3000 in India

At this price, you may not assume a headphone to have such an exceptional design and sound quality as Mivi Saxo Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. But it also has certain cons that can be found below.

  • Mivi Saxo scores high on comfort and design. Made entirely out of plastic, finished with a matte look makes it quite light and facilitates its use for long hours. It has an adjustable headband with padding which adds to the comfort. They are also foldable which is why they’ll occupy very little space wherever they rest. It is also furnished with a plush synthetic leather lining on the headband and the earcups.
  • Its battery can last upto 14 – 15 hours which is quite close to the company’s claim of 17 hours. You also get an AUX port along with a 3.5mm cable for whenever the battery dies.
  • The sound quality of the Mivi Saxo headphones is pretty impressive. The notes in songs across all genres are vivid and balanced and also pack a good punch. It produces clean and balanced mids and comes with a good punch for low-ends. The noise cancellation offered has no errors, and cuts off all the background noise.
  • The music controls on the right earcup can switch between tracks or play/pause the music via the included buttons.
  • It comes with Bluetooth 4.1 technology and offers a 30ft range. There aren’t any issues related to tracking skipping or Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Rock songs can get slightly muddy at high volumes.

Mivi Saxo’s performance at Rs. 2,999 is commendable. It has good sound output and long battery hours which is everything you need at this price.

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  • The T450BT is a good quality headphone with a simple design and great sound output that also comes with a decent battery backup for day-to-day listening. All of this has earned it a rightful second place on our list of Top 5 Headphones under Rs. 3000.


  • Dynamic driver: 32mm
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Battery Life: 11 Hours
  • In-built mic
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 1 year warranty period

JBL T450BT are the top 5 Best Headphones under 3000 in India

JBL is known to claim good quality products at a fairly affordable price. The JB T450BT Wireless On-ear is evidence to such a claim. You can take a look at its pros and cons.

  • T450BT has a body made of plastic, which, unlikely to popular beliefs, is both durable and light. The simplistic design of the T450BT makes it easy for use. They also come with a mic. They have a slightly tight fit but are not in the least unbearable. The headphones can also be folded.
  • The in-built mic was good enough to have surprisingly clear conversations when using the headphones for hands-free phone calls.
  • The sound is an appreciable feature of T450BT. The maximum volume is impressively loud and produces great bass. Unlike cheap models, that tend to sound muddy, the clarity is decent enough. The mids and trebles are quite balanced. There’s a good amount of punch packed.
  • The T450BT headphones come with a battery life of 11 hours. The wireless range that is approximately 30 feet is standard for wireless headphones.
  • The box contains 1 pair of T450BT headphones, a charging cable, a warning card, a warranty card, a safety sheet, and a QSG.

  • A new pair of the T450BT can feel a bit too tight but are very likely to have a perfect fit after you use it for a while.

JBL T450BT On-ear Wireless headphone is a great pair to invest in at Rs. 2,799 with decent battery life and impressive sound quality, even though you’ll have to get used to its fit eventually.

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  • A short 30-minute charge of the Motorola Pulse Escape Wireless Bluetooth device provides you with 2 hours of playtime and you can connect it to up to two smartphones at the same time.
  • Its great bass along with a faultless noise cancellation gives it the third place on our list of Top 5 Headphones under Rs. 3000.


  • Noise Cancellation
  • Battery life of 10 hours
  • Bluetooth 4.1 technology
  • 40mm dynamic driver
  • In-built mic
  • Touch control on ear-cups
  • 5mm AUX in jack
  • Weight: 200gm

MOTOROLA PULSE ESCAPE are the top 5 Best Headphones under 3000 in India

Motorola Pulse Escape have a really smart look with a great sound output. At such a price it offers some splendid features. Here are its pros and cons.

  • Pulse Escape is built from plastic; it comes with an adjustable headband with soft padding. The ear-shell padding is soft as well which provides the listener comfort. They are also foldable and compact. There are touch control buttons along with an in-built microphone for hands-free calling.
  • Motorola Pulse Escape headphone offers 10 hours of playtime on a single charge and a stand-by time of 200 hours. The company says that a short 30-minute charge facilitates up to 2 hours of play-time.
  • The sound quality is not harsh and do not have that annoying booming bass but is rather balanced and has a good treble composition. Its enhanced noise cancellation helps block unnecessary background noise.
  • The Motorola Pulse Escape headphone is equipped with Integrated Multipoint Technology that allows it to connect to up to two smartphones at the same time.
  • The new Motorola headphones offer a range of 60 feet and come with a Bluetooth 4.1 technology.

  • The mids are more flat and indistinct rather than punchy.

Priced at Rs. 2,227 currently, Motorola Pulse Escape offers a good bass and also come with the Integrated Multipoint Technology. This is a stunning choice at this price.

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  • The feather-light weight of Philips SHB5500 along with its soft padding makes them quite a comfortable pair of headphones to use regularly. Along with an amazing sound quality and an inbuilt microphone that offers you hands-free calling, it has landed in the fourth place on our list of Top 5 Headphones under Rs. 3000.


  • 106 db speaker sensitivity
  • 24 ohms impedance
  • 32mm high-intensity driver
  • 49ft transmission range
  • weight: 117.93gms
  • Wireless headphones
  • 200 hours standby time

Philips SHB5500 Wireless Bluetooth headphones is a low-priced, good quality product that offers great sound and a comfortable fit. Its pros and cons are discussed further.

  • The on-ear shells of the Philips SHB5500 have soft padding for a perfect fit. Wearing these headphones won’t put you under discomfort as they are built completely out of plastic and are thus lightweight. It also comes with swivel ear shells and adjustable headbands.
  • They have an independent volume-control that doesn’t regulate the volume of your smartphone.
  • The SHB5500 gives you a pleasant audio sensation and a clear sound which is incredible for its price. The bass quality is good; the low-ends are punchy, and the mids and highs are clear and effectively balanced.
  • Its battery lasts for about 9 hours through continuous play and its stand-by time is 200 hours.
  • They are also equipped with an in-built microphone which helps you switch easily between music and calls.

  • The battery life of SHB5500 is a bit disappointing.

If you need headphones for regular or casual usage you won’t regret buying Philips SHB5500 at Rs. 3090, which is barely beyond are the range, as there is no other noticeable flaw in it other than its battery.

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  • Bluedio T2 comes with a massive battery backup. It provides you with amazing sound output, especially if you use it at the time of watching movies or playing games which is why it takes the fifth place on our list of Top 5 Headphones under Rs. 3000.


  • 110dB sensitivity
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • 16Ω impedance
  • 57mm drivers
  • 220mAh battery
  • Frequency response: 20-20KHz

Bluedio T2 is a company known for innovation, and its headphones, Bluedio T2 are such proof. With a massive battery backup, Bluedio T2 offers good sound quality. Its pros and cons are discussed below.

  • Bluedio T2 is light-weight and easy-to-wear. The ear-cups can be rotated and are quite comfortable with soft cushioning. The headband is extremely flexible and stretches quite a lot. The strong mechanism is durable enough to endure day-to-day wear and tear. The ear-cups can be folded inwards.
  • The sound output is quite great even at high volumes and provides you with a good bass that lets you enjoy the thump of the music. These are mostly bass-driven but the treble is quite good. The sound quality of the Bluedio T2 is extraordinary when it is used for watching movies or playing games.
  • It has a battery life of 40 hours which is exceptional at this price.
  • There are no apparent issues that you may face in terms of connectivity due to the Bluetooth 4.1 that is quite versatile. The range is the standard 10m.

  • The bass overshadows the mids and trebles.

Bluedio T2’s highlight is unsurprisingly its battery life along with a great bass which provides a spectacular listening experience for longer hours. At Rs. 2190, you have almost nothing to be disappointed with.

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So, this was our list of Best Headphones under 3000 with mic in India (2019).
Hope you like it.

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