10 Best Exercises that’d get you Abs sooner than you think

Working out, doing the hard yards, working out for hours for a good body is a commendable effort. But after all the hard work you put in the gym, you want your end result to look great. You want to have a chiselled body where your muscles are well defined and your stomach looks slim and your abs are well defined. After all, your muscles don’t look great when your stomach is protruding out. That’s why a good set of abs is a must for a displayable body. That’s what makes you look like a well-defined athlete.

But if you really want to have a flat stomach and chiselled abs, it’s not enough to carry out a protein-rich diet without shedding a lot of body fat. Yes, diet is a preliminary to shedding body fat and get a chiselled body with well-defined abs that more than half the task is finding the right program to do it. Having a fitness band or a smartwatch around your wrist during exercise also helps you closely track your heart rate, duration and progress. These 10 exercises are going to help you get those picture-perfect abs in a big way and it’s going to work best if you apply all of them together.

10 Best Exercises for Killer home Abs Workout

Cable Crunch

The cable crunch is one of the efficient as well as effective exercises that would help you develop your abs.

cable crunch

You just have to bend your body from the waist and make your abs pull your torso towards your bottom. The abs get tensed during this exercise and your muscles sweat it out to complete this task.
Do it for at least three sets of ten to twenty and get ready for the next exercise to see best results.


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