Top 5 Best Earphones under 500 Rs in India – [Expert Pick]

Top 5 Best Earphones under 500 rupees in India

Looking for the best earphone under 500 with mic so we are here to help you out as nowadays, selecting the right earphones among hundreds is a quite time-eating task & confusing especially to those who are the music lover.

The feature mentioned on box/paper only tell half of story but further half is covered by us & that is user experience.

How have we created the list of best earphones below 500?

So, it was a quite long process but we manage to test around 10 best in-ear headphones under 500 rs and we only choose top 5 earphone among them. We listed the best budget earphones under 500 Rs with a priority order of sound & build quality. We truly say that you will love the following list because our list of smartphones under 10000 is created with the same dedication level as this created and thus One person (R Kalita) found very useful and much better in comparison to other websites. Just look at the image-

comment on Top 10 Best Smartphone under Rs 10000

comment on Top 10 Smartphone under Rs 10000 -2018 with Depth Review

Today, people try to buy an earphone which has mic and can deliver the good bass below 500, so keeping this in our mind, our list consists of good bass earphones with microphone or you can say best earphones under 500 with mic.

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Here are the top 5 Best Earphones under 500 Rs in India 2018

Mi in-earphone basic earphone with mic

Mi in-earphone basic in Best earphones under 500

Xiaomi Mi basic earphone

Here is the Mi in earphone basic earphone with mic’s Review
Xiaomi Mi basic earphone has pretty, attractive design. And, surprisingly this earphone is designed by 1More. The angular shape of earpiece canal doesn’t let earphone to fall off from the ears while doing workout in the Gym or running. So in term of design and fit, this in-ear headphone rank 1st in the list of best earphones in India under 500 rupees.
Available Color
Black, & White.
Sound quality
Mi basic headset has good sound clarity(not crystal clear) with a sufficient bass & treble. And with this sound quality, it stands first among the best earphone under 500 or 600.
Noise isolation is good enough. You will feel a bit of noise while listening songs but no other earphone in this range can give this level of noise cancellation.
Build Quality
At this price, the Build Quality of mi in ear headphone is really impressive. Flat wire is used to ensure tangle(mix up) free experience.
The mi basic earphone comes with inline mic & single button remote give you control over calls & music. The company has service entre across the country and it adds value to the product. If was on your place and I have only Rs 500 in my pocket then I would choose Mi basic in-ear headphones as the best earphone. The mi in-ear headphone basic is now available on Flipkart and Amazon too.
Mids, & Lows are not up to the mark. Unlike other, this earphone only covers 6 months of warranty.
What’s in the box
Earphone, 2 different earbud’s size(s/l), a clip.
Value for Money- 9/10 (Please don’t confuse between Rating and Value for Money. Rating is simply the performance of product whereas Value for Money means that how much we are getting from the product at that price)

Buy Nowbuy now buy now or Mi store or use Mi App

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SoundMagic ES11S in-ear headphone with mic

SoundMagic ES11S earphone in Best earphones under 500

SoundMagic ES11S earphone

Here is the SoundMagic ES11S earphone with microphone’s Review
The design of SoundMagic ES11S earphone is simple and comfortably fits into the ears. While running or doing workout in the Gym, sometimes it falls off from the ear. This happens so because earpiece is not angled.
Available Color
Blue, Green, Black, & Red.
Sound Quality
The sound is very clear but you will feel the difference at the higher volume. You will feel harshness in the sound at the higher level. Now if we talk about the bass, bass production is average on this earphone. After Mi basic earphones, it sounds best in the list of top 10 best earphones with mic under 500.
The noise cancellation is average. If you increase volume then also noise will be felt across your ears.
Build Quality
The build quality of SoundMagic ES11S earphone is not upto the mark. Cheap wire quality is used. It comes with the 1-year warranty but its service centre cover only major cities of India.
Poor build quality. Mids, & treble are not balanced.
The single button remote allows you to get control over calls & music. The SoundMagic ES11S earphone is now available on Flipkart and Amazon.
What’s in the box
Earphone, 3 different earbuds’ size (s/m/l)
Value for Money- 8/10

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HP H1000 earphone

Hp H1000 earphone in Best earphones under 500

Here is the Hp H1000 earphone (no microphone)’s Review
The earphone comes with a simple design and it fits comfortably into the ears. Since the earpiece canal is not angled so the earphone falls off from the ears while running or doing workout in the Gym.
Available Color
Sound Quality
The sound quality is somewhat average but its good bass and decent treble make it rank better. Sound gets harnessed at the higher volume as what Soundmagic es11s does.
This earphone has decent noise cancellation. Even at higher volume, you will still feel those noise.
Build Quality
It comes with good build quality. The symmetrical wire makes it free from getting mix up. Its 1 Year warranty ensure you to go for rough use but remember warranty cover only manufacturing defect. Also, you will find the service centre across the country in most of the cities.
No mic, & No button for controlling calls /music. Lows, & High are unbalanced.
If you are looking for best earphone under 300 then this Hp earphone comes 1st in the list of best earphones under 300 rupees in India. The Hp H1000 earphones are now available on Flipkart and Amazon.
What’s in the box
Earphone, 3 different pairs Silicone Earbud’s Size(S/M/L)
Value for Money- 8/10

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Amazon Basic earphone with mic

Amazon Basic earphone in Best earphones under 500

Here is the Amazon Basic earphone with mic’s Review
The angular shape of the earpiece canal, adds more value to the product. Thus, it fits easily and didn’t fall off from the ear easily.
Available Color
Black, White, Pink, Blue.
Sound Quality
This earphone sounds similar to the HP H1000(mention above). But you will felt the difference when you listen to the bass-driven song and this earphone stands behind the HP H1000.
Noise cancellation is poor. The noise will disturb you much. So, this earphone is only for the quite indoor or outdoor places.
Build Quality
Poor built quality makes its rank lower. This earphone covers 1-year warranty under which you would get the only manufacturing defect. Right now, it covers service centre across only to major cities so it will be problematic for you if earphone gets damaged.
Build quality is not upto the mark. Poor noise cancellation whereas mids and highs at imbalanced.
What’s in the box
Earphone, 3 different earbud’s size(s/m/l).
Value for Money- 7.5/10

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Philips she3590bk/98 in-ear headphone

Philips SHE3590 in Best earphones under 500

Here is the Philips SHE3590 in-ear headphone (no microphone)’s Review
This Philips earphone comes with a Simple design and fits easily into the ears. Since its earpiece canal doesn’t have an angular shape so it will fall off from the ears while running or doing any exercise.
Available Color
Black, Blue.
Sound Quality
Sound output is somewhat average. You will not feel any good bass or treble.
Noise cancellation is average. The noise will disturb you and even if you increase the volume still, you will felt those noise.
Build Quality
The build quality of this Philips earphone is not upto the mark. The quality of the wire is cheap. It comes with the 1-year warranty. Availability of the service centre, adds value to the product.
You might think that this philips earphones comes with mic but noNo microphone, & no remote to control calls/music. The wire quality looks cheap. Thus, it stands at the last position (5th) among the best earphones under 500 rupees with mic.
If you are the philps earphone lover and your budget is near 300 then we prefer you go with philips she1405(also know as philips she1405bk). Philips she1405 is not better but if have cost 100 rupees less then is preferable.
What’s in the box
Earphone, 3 different earbud’s size(s/m/l).
Value for Money- 7/10

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Still, any doubt feels free to ask via comment.

Suggestion- If you are searching for the best bass earphones under 500 or boat earphones (specially boat bassheads 225) or ubon earphones or Jbl in-ear headphones under 500 or Skullcandy in-ear headphones or sound one 616 or any else then we suggest you to higher your budget and our new list of best earphone- Top 10 Earphones to buy under ₹1000 in India (Depth Review).

Todays In short Best Tips & tricks:

Best app for Downloading Movie/video from any website[Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or any]

Link to download- Download Snaptube App.

What are lows, mids, & highs mean in music?

Highs are high-frequency sound Similarly, mids & lows are mid & high-frequency sounds respectively.

Highs mean high-frequency sounds like treble sound. It ranges between 4KHz to 20KHz.

Mids includes low-mids, mid mids, and high-mids. Where Low-mids lies between 250Hz to 500Hz(approx). Mid-mids lies between 500Hz to 2000Hz/2KHz(approx). High-mids lies between 2KHz to 4KHz.

Lows include Bass and Sub-Bass. Sub-bass sound frequency lies between 20Hz and 70Hz(approx) & for the Bass, sound frequency lies between 80Hz to 250Hz(approx).

Take Care before you use headphones or earphones

If you are listening to the music at maximum level it might take you in a problem in future, so try to listen to 60% of a maximum sound level. If you hear more than 1 hour then it would quite good for you to listen to 50 to 60% of the sound level.
Since many earphones or headphones are available in the market from better to worse consider using within limitation as mentioned above or Read More at NHS.

Just look at the video attached below. It is attached so that you can test the bass of your Headphone or earphone that you currently own or further planned to buy.

Top 5 Best in-ear headphones under 500 Rs: Was the post helpful? Share your experience

We will be happy to hear from you on our post: Top 5 earphones below 500 with mic. Your Feedback in the comment section will help us to improve so that we can deliver a better experience to you.

Thanks for reading. We are waiting to see you again.

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