Xnspy In-Depth Review: A New Breed of Spyware Has Hit the Indian App Market

Xnspy In-Depth Review: A New Breed of Spyware Has Hit the Indian App Marketxnspy app review topbestof

The crowded Indian spy app market has witnessed the emergence of another reliable mobile spyware called Xnspy. The best mobile spying app seems to be winning the hearts and minds of users with its performance, ease-of-use, efficient reporting, on-the-go access, affordability and a huge cache of features. It has also received some positive reviews from users, which forced me to examine this spyware closely and write a thorough review on it. In this analysis, I will share my experience regarding Xnspy’s performance, user-friendliness, features, and other factors to see if the app actually lives up to its reputation or not. Also, I will share the pros and cons of the spy app so you can determine whether it is good or bad for you.

How it’s Different from Others?

Xnspy is a part of a new breed of emerging spy tech that allows users to monitor on any cell phone or tablet undetected and easier than ever before. How so? This advanced sleuthing program takes up the smallest amount of space on the monitored device and still manages to monitor all sorts of activities. That too without giving the monitored individual a hint about its presence.

I was surprised to see that Xnspy didn’t produce any weird sounds while recording the phone calls or sent any bizarre messages when I sent remote commands from the web-based account during the test. It clearly shows the best mobile spying app has changed mobile monitoring from what we once knew. Gone are the older and obsolete spy software which fails to work stealthily.

This new breed of powerful utility programs is likely to replace the old spy apps. Because unlike the traditional surveillance software, they are not only used to dig deep into the file structure of a smartphone or tablet, but also prove handy when it comes to installation and working stealthily. In contrast, setting up old spy apps wasn’t fun at all as most of them requires you to access the device physically.

However, Xnspy’s non-jailbreak version empower users to set up the app from a remote location. All it requires is you to know the iCloud credentials of the target iOS device. To the extent data extraction is concerned, I found that the app works just fine. The program can collect virtually any piece of information that is stored on the target device. Even if the data has been erased by the monitored person, the best mobile spying app allows you to retrieve it.

Is it Easy to Set Up Xnspy?

Since I was testing it on an Android device, so it took me about seven to eight minutes to set up this program on my Samsung Galaxy S8. I believe if you are familiar with the installation process it would take you less than seven minutes to install Xnspy since the step-by-step instructions were easy to follow and the process was very simple and fast. Here is how it’s done:

Subscribe a plan you like the most.

  • Get the download instructions and your personal web-based account login details from Xnspy through an email.
  • Follow the step-by-step process to set up the spyware on the desired device.
  • Once the best mobile spying app is successfully installed, sign in to your personal Xnspy web account.
  • The app takes some time to gather the data from the monitored phone after installation, but afterward it frequently uploads the data.

Xnspy Web Accountxnspy app review- Web Account -topbestof

When I signed in to my personal Xnspy web-based account it brought me to the dashboard, where all the information is uploaded and stored. I found the dashboard pretty impressive. It was neat, clean and simple. More importantly, it wasn’t swarmed with different options. I was able to easily navigate through it, which is perfect for someone who isn’t that tech savvy. The side menu has 11 different options and you will find main features under each of them. The best mobile spying app shows statistics, graphs, and maps along with other information.

Phone Logsxnspy app review- Dashboard -topbestof

When you click on the Phone Logs, it will expand the menu to show you various features under it. All these features will come in handy if you are looking to spy on someone’s call logs.

Messengerxnspy app check Whatsapp messenger -review topbestof

Want to see which instant messaging apps on the target device you can access with Xnspy? Click on the Messenger from the left menu and view the list of the messaging apps installed on the monitored mobile. All the sent and received messages are neatly arranged with date and time stamps, so it becomes easy for you to follow any conversation. It even gives you the contact name (if saved on the phone) and the number of the sender or receiver.

Locationsxnspy app review- Get Location of Love One -topbestof

The GPS location tracking feature gives you the records of all the visited sites by pinpointing them on a map, so you can know where the target has spent his day.

Settingsxnspy app review- Setting -topbestof

Then, there is Settings option that enables you to set data uploading preferences, add watchlist alerts, and more.

What Can You Do with Xnspy?

Below are some of the prominent features of Xnspy that gives you an insight into someone’s private affairs.

  • Call LogRetrieve the list of all the calls that were made or received from the monitored phone. The information includes time and date stamps, call durations and contacts details. So Call history is not hidden to you.
  • Text Messages – View an exact copy of all the chats, text messages and emails that were sent and received from the device.
  • GPS LocationSee the real-time location of the device with the best mobile spying app. This can be very useful if you are looking to recover a lost or stolen phone.
  • Multimedia Files – Access all the multimedia files such as photos and videos that are saved on the target device.
  • Social Media – With Xnspy, I was even able to monitor top social media apps like Tinder and Instagram. Also, I was able read all chat from Facebook Messenger App, Whatsapp, iMessage chats, Tinder Chats, Skype chats, & kik messenger.
  • Surround Recording – The revolutionary program even lets you overhear device surroundings. Yup! You heard it right. You can record the device surroundings with the ambient recording feature of the app.
  • Geofencing – It’s a useful feature if you want to monitor specific locations. All you need to do is define the safe or unsafe places and receive instant notifications whenever the target phone enters or breaches these boundaries.


It’s important to check device compatibility with a software prior buying one. Xnspy supports only Android and iOS devices. So make sure to opt for this solution only if you are looking to track and Android or iOS phone or tablet. The Android edition of the best mobile spying app works with OS versions 4.0 up to 7.0, while the no-jailbreak iOS supports 6.0 up to 11.2.1.xnspy app review- Available on iOS and Android -topbestof 1

Subscription Charges

Xnspy-offers two packages: Basic and Premium. The Basic plan is priced at $8.33 a month while the Premium subscription costs $12.49 a month.

7.5 Total Score
Powerful App for Spying

  • For Parental control and Employes Control, it is the best app with range of other features.
  • Stays undetectable on the target device.
  • It lets you define names, locations, emails, and phone numbers to monitor specific activities.
  • SIM card change alert can also be set with this app.
  • It even allows you to wipe data and lock the device remotely.
  • It lags when you try to retrieve current GPS location.
  • Surround recording feature only works with the Android version.
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Xnspy App Review: Final Verdict

When all things considered, Xnspy seems like a decent product for anyone to use. Not only it’s an ideal solution for someone who has lately lost or had their cell phone stolen, it’s a useful tool for anyone looking to track phone activities. Especially, parents and employers will find it quite helpful when it comes to restricting kids and employees from accessing inappropriate/non-work related content or engaging in sexting/informal chatting, etc. The monthly charges are also nominal, which is why more and more people in India are opting for it.

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