X-Mini Click 2 Portable Speaker Review- A Pocket Sized Wonder

Portable Gadgets are a blessing for travellers and anyone who wants to be free from the hassle of carrying hefty devices everywhere. The Singapore based brand X-Mini pledges to do just that, which is quite obvious from their range of products. X-mini has launched many portable wireless speakers at attractive prices like the Nano-X, SUPA and other pocket-sized Bluetooth speakers that deliver great audio for the music lovers.X-mini Click 2 Review topbestof

If you have been waiting for the X-mini Click 2’s review and wanted to know how it performs in real-world situations so that you can buy it with total peace of mind then you found us at the right time, as today we are going to cover X-mini Click 2 Review. Read on to find out all about the Click 2 Speakers and then decide whether you want them or not.

X-Mini Click 2 Portable Speaker Review

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Technical Highlights


X-mini Click 2 Review topbestof specification

  • 50 mm long and 30.5 mm wide
  • 85 gm weight
  • 36 mm Audio Driver with Magnetic Sheild
  • 400 mAh battery with 5 V charger
  • Remote Camera Shutter Button

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BlueTooth Specifications


  • 2.4 Ghz to 2.5 Ghz operating frequency
  • 33 Feet or 10 m Wireless Connectivity Range
  • BlueTooth Version 4.2

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Design and Build Quality

X-mini Click 2 Review topbestof design

The X-Mini Click 2 is advertised heavily for its small form factor which can fit in your pocket easily and this holds true as it actually is very small in size. It is comparable to a small mouse in size! Yes, that’s exactly how tiny it is. But its small size doesn’t mean it compromises in build quality and materials. The Click 2 weighs only 85 gms but feels premium from every inch, there are no squeaky joints or cheap plastic body.X-mini Click 2 Review- Small in Size

These tiny speakers are made of matte pattern aluminium and the base is made of soft rubber that prevents it from slipping off smooth surfaces. The whole marketing of the Click 2 is based on its design and portability and X-Mini delivers. Being extremely compact and well built, it is what you might expect any good speaker to be. The base sports a mini-USB port, a tiny LED battery indicator and a single multi-purpose control button and two holes for a lanyard. The top of the speaker is made of a metallic mesh that protects the audio driver.X-mini Click 2 Review- USB Port

Overall, this little wonder is a neatly built device and even though just 85 gms in weight it doesn’t feel cheap. The Click 2 is very sturdy thanks to the metal body and mesh, you can expect it to last long even if you drop it a few times.

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Sound Quality and Performance

The X-Mini Click 2, even though small, delivers kicking performance. The 36 mm audio driver produces astonishingly great sounds and doesn’t distort at all even at 80% volumes levels and higher. The size of these speakers is so small that we can forgive a few crackles here and there because let’s be realistic, there is only so much a small 36 mm driver can do. The bass doesn’t sound very well but we are prepared to overlook this minor setback just because of the fact that it’s so small and portable. That being said, it doesn’t mean that the bass sounds terrible, it’s just not the best sounding one in the market.

The size of the Click 2 redeems it from some of its setbacks because you can’t possibly please an audiophile with such a small package. In our opinion, the Click 2 performs well for the most part as it is not targetted to please the hardcore music lovers. But it works wonderfully for casual podcasts and youtube videos that need to be streamed with a higher volume than your phones can provide. The major part of the audience that X-Mini plans to target with the Click 2 will be easily satisfied as it is a great performer in a very, very small package.

All in all, we would say if you want to blast off some heavy bass or brutal metal music then this isn’t the speaker for you. The Click 2 is meant for those who want a small group to listen to some low bass music and it excels at that, and also comes with an added benefit of fitting anywhere in your pocket. We can’t stress over this fact enough because it is the uniqueness of the Click 2 and is very plausible.

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Connectivity and Battery Life

The Click 2 retails with BlueTooth v 4.2 to connect with compatible devices, even though it lacks an AUX port we can’t blame X-Mini for it, considering the form factor of these speakers. The Bluetooth connectivity is good and not groundbreaking, it gets the job done and doesn’t lose connection due to obstacles. The BlueTooth connectivity can be extended to up to two compatible devices meaning it can connect to two smartphones simultaneously.

A unique offering in this price range is the stereo mode, which isn’t seen on many speakers under 2000 Rs. This stereo mode allows the Click 2 to pair with another Click 2 to provide a stereo setup and better sound quality and louder music. This is not possible with a single Click 2 as it has a mono output driver so you will need two Click 2 speakers.

The Click 2 features a 400 mAh battery which is claimed to last for up to 6 hours. In our tests, we were actually able to push it to 6 hours on moderate usage and about 5 hours on a little heavier usage period. The 5 V/1 A charger can charge this from 0 to 100% in about 2 hours which is a bit slow considering the small battery capacity. We are not fully satisfied in the battery department as charging times could have been better with a little optimization. We recommend these power banks for some extra charge- Top 5 power banks under 1500 Rs in India.

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Controls and Button Functions

The X-Mini Click 2 comes with a single button that is used for multiple purposes. This is according to us the most disappointing aspect of the Click 2, the single button can only be used for turning the speaker on/off, pairing, unpairing devices and increasing the volume. No skip/play/pause controls, even the option to lower the volume is unavailable. To do these things you have to use your smartphone and lower the volume, or skip/play/pause. A few more buttons to control the music and sounds would have been great, but sadly they are missing.

The X-Mini Click 2 also acts as a remote camera shutter so that you can take selfies without having to touch the screen or the smartphone at all, we also recommend some selfie sticks for this purpose- Best Selfie Sticks in India. This is a handy feature but doesn’t redeem the Click 2 from the fact that it lacks major control buttons.

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Final Thought: X-Mini Click 2 Review

X-mini Click 2 Review with black box

The X-Mini Click 2 is a very compact portable speaker, which is built well and will last long. It delivers good audio and will satisfy the casual mini-party music, or low bass songs listeners needs. For audiophiles who can’t tolerate any kind of distortion or crackling, this is not a good choice. The Click 2 is meant for portable music playback and it performs well there, given its tiny size there isn’t much to complain other than the lack of major control buttons. Lastly, we would say that the X-Mini Click 2 is a good budget offering in the portable speaker segment for casual music listeners and streamers. We recommend you to check out the Click 2 speakers if you are ok with what they have to offer and we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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X-Mini Click 2: Expert Score and User Rating

8.1 Total Score
X-Mini Click 2- A Pocket Sized Wonder

Design and Build
Sound Output
Battery Life
Value for Money
  • Metal Body with Matte Finish
  • Compact Design and Small Size
  • Average Battery Life
  • Good Audio Output
  • Long Charging Time
  • No Play/Pause/Skip Buttons
User Rating: 3 (1 votes)
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So this was the review of the X-mini Click 2, you like it and for any doubt feel free to ask via comment.

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