TaoTronics TT-BH10 Wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphone: Unboxing, and Full in-depth Review

TaoTronics TT-BH10 Wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphone: Unboxing, and Full in-depth Review
8.5 Total Score

Rs. 2,899 Rs. 3,790

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  • Good looking in-ear headphone.
  • Perfectly fits into your ears (On using proper size of ear tip).
  • Sweatproof makes it a good deal to buy.
  • Latest Bluetooth ie., v4.1 and aptX technology enhances the wireless sounding experience.
  • Balanced, clear and detailed sound.
  • Good Battery backup.

TaoTronics TT-BH10 Wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphone: Unboxing with Full in-depth Reviewtaotronics tt bh10 headphone topbestof review-1

Recently, TaoTronics, an old audio company, launches a new wireless bluetooth in-ear headphone in the Indian Market. The Newly launched earphone is Taotronics TT-BH10 Bluetooth wireless in-ear headphone. It is also known as ‘Taotronics TT-BH10 Bluetooth sports in-ear headphone’ or ‘TaoTronics BH10 Sweatproof Bluetooth In-Ear Earbuds with Mic & Secure Ear Hooks’. Today, I am going to review this BH10 bluetooth earphone and within this review, I will go through its sound performance, design, comfort, and other factors to judge whether it stands on company words or not and also I will tell whether this earphone is value for money or not.taotronics tt bh10 headphone topbestof review-2

So let’s check out its performance to judge this earphone from TaoTronics-

TaoTronics TT-BH10 Earphone: Indian Price and Availability in India

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Now let’s move toward the TaoTronics TT-BH10 in-ear headphone’s depth review.


Following things, I found in the box of this earphonetaotronics tt bh10 headphone topbestof review-3

  • TaoTronics TT-BH10 Earphone
  • Total Three ear tips of different size (S, M, L)
  • Charging USB Cable.
  • A User Manual.

taotronics tt bh10 headphone topbestof review-4

TaoTronics TT-BH10 Earphone: Design and Build Quality

When I open the box and take out the earphone, the design of the earphone amazes me. Means, its design is pretty good and you will love the earphone in a first sight. Also, the earphone seems to be heavy because of its bulky shape but wearing them over ears doesn’t feel so. The Mixture of black and grey colour gives a cool look whereas fine finish gives a premium feel. Also, Taotronics logo is mentioned on the right earpiece.taotronics tt bh10 headphone topbestof review-5

It has the earpiece with an extra hook attached that makes it fit perfectly into the ears. The earphone fits so well that it didn’t fall off from the ear while workout, or doing any exercise. It is perfect in-ear headphone for gym or any workout as it is sweatproof. You may face some difficulty while wearing the earphone and that is you have to use your both hand to wear a single earpiece. Thus, it depends on you whether it is a problem for you or not. On the right earpiece, you will find three buttons that can be used to control the volume, to control media and to receive/cancel calls. There is a built-in mic that comes with noise cancellation technology.taotronics tt bh10 headphone topbestof review-6

You might love the design of the Taotronics BH-10 in-ear headphone but its build quality might disappoint you. Means, at such price you are getting plastic body is not fair. I recently reviewed 1More iBFree Bluetooth earphone which also priced nearly same, and its build quality was very good. The wire used here is flat and its build quality is decent.

TaoTronics TT-BH10 in-ear headphone: Sound Performance

In my old review and this is one too, the first time the performance of the earphone is not best at their level so we need to warm-up or burn-in those in-ear headphones. With warm-up, drivers get free and thus perform better. The warm-up can be done via playing song for a long time or else you can download some app from play store. Here is an app with name “burn-in audio” which You can download the app from Play store.

Initially, the sound output was average and bass was muddy but after the warm-up or burn-in, its sound performance and bass output improve. The output from the earphone was now loud and clear. It didn’t pain or pinch at the max sound but yes I will suggest you not to use any earphone at volume level above 70%.

Even I tested this earphone with some specific songs. Songs like Instrumental of Pirate of Caribbean(version of Tushar lall) and Nucleya- bhayanak ft. I found that all the node of the instrument sounds good. It was able to cover the all the frequency(mids, low, and high) of the sound whereas the treble was very good on this earphone. I can say that bass output or performance was above average. Clearly, if you are a person who loves bass then you will be disappointed with this earphone. Bass produced here is balanced instead heavy one. Vocals on this earphone were overly thick whereas female vocal was muted on some particular sound.taotronics tt bh10 headphone topbestof review-7

Battery and Bluetooth: Performance

The company uses one of the latest Bluetooth version i.e., v4.1. Thus, ensuring a strong connection between your smartphone and your BT device. Also, the company uses aptX technology(Qualcomm’s technology) which improve sound quality via Bluetooth. The Battery performance is good and long last for 6 to 7 hrs if used continuously. Also, you can see the battery level of the BT device(earphone) on your smartphone.


Connecting this BH-10 earphone with a smartphone is quite easy. Press the multifunction button(one of the buttons among 3 buttons) until the LED present on the right side of earpiece turn blue then pair it with the smartphone. Every time you will get the LED notification along with a beep sound notification on switching on/off BT device or getting connected/disconnected BT device with smartphone. A USB port is given on the right earpiece to charge it. Have a glance at the image-Taotronics-tt-bh10-earphone-feature

TaoTronics TT-BH10 in-ear headphone: Final Conclusion

taotronics tt bh10 headphone topbestof review-8

TaoTronics TT-BH10 wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphone is a good looking earphone. If you are a person who loves design then it is for you. The build quality is not satisfactory as what you pay. You will get other wireless earphones like 1More iBFree which offers better build quality. The sound and treble performance of the earphone was good whereas bass output was near average. If you are a person who loves heavy bass then don’t go for it as it produces well-balanced bass. Vocals on this earphone on some of the selected songs are not up to the marks. The battery backup was good as it lasts for 6 to 7 hr if used continuously. I didn’t face any connectivity problem. Buying it for rupees above 3,000 is a costlier deal. It will be value for money wireless Bluetooth headphone if its price is below or nearby ₹ 2,500. If you are high on the budget then check out 1More free wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphone.

TaoTronics BH10 Sweatproof Bluetooth In-Ear Earbuds: Review with Pros and Cons

8.5 Total Score
Wireless in-ear headphone with good design and sound

Build Quality
Wireless Connectivity
Value for Money
  • Good looking in-ear headphone.
  • Perfectly fits into your ears (On using proper size of ear tip).
  • Sweatproof makes it a good deal to buy.
  • Latest Bluetooth ie., v4.1 and aptX technology enhances the wireless sounding experience.
  • Balanced, clear and detailed sound.
  • Good Battery backup.
  • Buying it at price above ₹3,000 is a costlier deal.
  • Vocal on some specific song was muted.
  • Bass performance was average.
  • Build quality is not up to the mark.
User Rating: 4.67 (3 votes)

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