Stuffcool Dizzy Magnetic Wireless Earphone Full Review: Unboxing, Expert Score

Stuffcool Dizzy Magnetic Wireless Earphone Full Review: Unboxing, Expert Score
7.7 Total Score

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  • Good Build quality
  • Magnetic Join
  • Good Vocals
  • Sporty + Comfort

Stuffcool Dizzy Magnetic Wireless Earphone Review 1

Stuffcool Dizzy Magnetic Wireless Earphone Review: Unboxing with Expert Score

Stuffcool is a known brand for the accessories of mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Stuffcool always tries to provide the best for the price. To impress the people, the company had work a lot and today, we have one of its product which shapes out of the company’s hard work.

Recently, the Stuffcool has launched a new wireless earphone i.e., Stuffcool Dizzy Magnetic Wireless Earphone or simply, Stuffcool Dizzy in-ear headphone. Today, we are not only going to discuss the specifications of the earphone but also, check out the review of Stuffcool Dizzy earphone. So, we have tested the Stuffcool Dizzy Magnetic Wireless Bluetooth Earphone for over a week now, we will be giving you our honest opinion and detailed review of the product.

Stuffcool Dizzy Magnetic Wireless Earphone Review

Stuffcool Dizzy Earphone: Price & Availability

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  • Stuffcool Dizzy Magnetic Wireless earphones (1 Piece)
  • 2 extra pairs of ear tips of different size (S, M)
  • 2 extra pairs of sporty fins(c-shape outcoming)
  • a Micro USB charging cable
  • a User Manual

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Stuffcool Dizzy Earphone: Design & Built Quality

The Stuffcool Dizzy Magnetic Wireless has a neckband style design and is fairly light and comfortable to wear for long hours. Stuffcool Dizzy Magnetic are having simple and classy looks. The Earphone is having a great combination of plastic and metal, mainly metal is used for magnetic behaviour. The earphone is having a straight design and is having two modules one for controls and other for 60mAh battery. The battery module is having a Micro USB port for charging it.

Stuffcool Dizzy Magnetic Wireless Earphone Review 2

These earphones are good for a workout or for a gym, all thanks to C shaped sporty fins which are provided in the box. These fins increase the hold and prevent them from falling. Also, these sporty fins are detachable which make them more user-friendly. The wire used here is neither very thick nor very thin and this is done to make it lightweight earphone.

Stuffcool Dizzy Magnetic Wireless Earphone Review 3

The control module is having 3 control buttons i.e volume up, volume down, and pause/play. Stuffcool Dizzy Magnetic Wireless Earphone Review 4

The main highlight feature of Stuffcool Dizzy Magnetic is Smart Magnetic on/off as the company has not provided any physical button to OFF the earphone, and for that, you just have to join both the earbuds using the magnet and to ON, you just have to detach both the earbuds apart. This is the great feature at this price tag and reduces your efforts.

Stuffcool Dizzy Magnetic Wireless Earphone Review 5

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Stuffcool Dizzy Earphone: Sound Performance

First and foremost, any device needs some warm-up (burn-in), as this process gradually increase its performance. The warm-up can be done with the help of high beat songs.

After the warm-up, the device is good to go. We streamed many popular Hindi, Punjabi, & English song of various genres(Metal, Rock, Classical, Pop etc) and the result was pretty average. One of the songs played was an Indian version of the James bond by Tushar Lall over this sports in-ear headphone, which has various instruments(such as flute, sitar, guitar, tabla,etc.) and we missed out the details in the songs. Stuffcool Dizzy Magnetic Wireless Earphone Review 6

We tested vocals on this earphone with Nina Burmi sings Thumri (Vocal and tabla), and the result was good. The soundstage is more leaned toward vocals making a good choice for people who love clear vocals. Bass Performance is somewhat average and is not recommended for the bass lover.

Lows and Highs frequencies were good, affecting the sound signature. We didn’t like the treble, it was some hard.

Also, the Sound experience depends on the noise cancellation. Noise Cancellation is good, that lead to good sound experience without any disturbance. Also, for more better sound experience, choose the right size of the ear tips.

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Stuffcool Dizzy in-ear Earphone: Connectivity

Packed with the little older Bluetooth version i.e; Bluetooth 4.1v, that provide good signal and has a Bluetooth range up to 32 ft (approx 9.5 meters). Unlike we found aptX coding technology in 1MORE iBFree Sports Bluetooth in-Ear headphone (Review), there was no such latest technology with this stuffcool dizzy wireless earphone. Also, we realise some delay of song/music, when we are playing the PUBG using this earphone. Like, the footsteps and all other actions were not coordinating or working parallelly.

You can connect two devices at a time as the company says but we face trouble while doing this i.e it did not work.

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Stuffcool Dizzy Earphone: Extras

Stuffcool Dizzy has a battery of 60mAh that last up to 3-3.5 hours at the 70% of volume and also notify when a battery is low. The earphones take 2 long hours to get fully charged, earphone offers 4 hour talk time and 150 hours standby time as mentioned by the company.

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Stuffcool Dizzy Magnetic Earphone: Final Opinion

Stuffcool Dizzy Magnetic Wireless Earphone Review 7

Stuffcool is a good choice if you are looking for an earphone with the expectation of good build quality, vocals, balanced freq(highs, lows, mids) and connectivity. This light-weighted earphone comes with comforts and good build quilty. Also, the connectivity was good on Stuffcool Dizzy Magnetic. There was some important place like sound detailing, a bass performance where this earphone didn’t perform upto mark. Earphones like Sound One X50 Wireless Earphones (Review), and 1MORE iBFree Sports in-Ear headphone (Review) which cost bit more but stands upto the mark.

Also, If you are looking for other high-quality Tech reviews or list of best gadgets then google it like “best phones under 10000 topbestof” or “best earphones under 1000 topbestof”, “Name topbestof” or in general “what you want + topbestof”.

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Stuffcool Dizzy Wireless Earphone Review [Expert Score]

7.7 Total Score
Stuffcool Dizzy Magnetic Earphone

Design & Build Quality
Audio Quality
Battery Life
Bass Performance
Value for Money (Under 3000)
  • Good Build quality
  • Magnetic Join
  • Good Vocals
  • Sporty + Comfort
  • Sound Detailing
  • aptX Coding missing
  • Average Bass
  • Tad bit overpriced
User Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)

Hope, you don’t have any doubt after going via the Stuffcool Dizzy Magnetic Wireless Earphone Review, if any ask in the comment section.

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