Sound One X50 Wireless Earphones- Full Review with Expert Score

Sound One X50 Wireless Earphone Review: Unboxing with in-Depth Review, Expert Score

Sound One is tightly gripping its place in the Indian market with good audio products in attractive price ranges. We have reviewed a lot of Sound One Products and we have to say that they have a very decent lineup of great sounding products and the prices are very competitive.Sound One X50 Wireless Earphone Review 1

Today, we will be reviewing the Sound One X50 wireless sports earphone from Sound One. So, we have tested the Sound One X50 for over a week so that we can judge the X50 bluetooth earphone on all major conditions. So, let’s check out whether this earphone with its overall performance will stand in the list of the best wireless Bluetooth earphone under 2000.

Sound One X50 Wireless Earphone Review

Sound One X50: Price and Availability in India

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March 30, 2020 5:21 pm
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Following things, we found while unboxing the Sound One X50 Wireless earphone-Sound One X50 Wireless Earphone Review 2

  • 1 Sound One X50 Wireless Earphone
  • 1 USB charging cable.
  • A User Manual.
  • Earphone Carry Case.
  • Total 3 different sizes of ear-buds (S, M, L)
  • Total 2 different Size of Ear fins (Same Size).

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Design and Build Quality

Sound One X50 Wireless Earphone Review 3

When I open the box and take out the Sound One X50 earphone, it was quite similar to 1More iBFree wireless earphone. The design of the earphone is quite good. Apart from the design, the Color Combination of this in-ear headphone is very good. Black and grey combination with slight reddish colour inside the eartips gives a premium feel. You will find a logo of the Sound One on the top of the earpiece but the branding could be better as what 1More does with 1More 1M301 Single Driver Earphone.

X50 Wireless Earphone is a neckband-style Bluetooth earphone which fits comfortably around your neck. We have doubt whether this earphone comes with any sweatproof design or not. The company has only said that it comes with Sweatproof and Splashproof protection but the company didn’t say anything about what kind of IP resistance is being used.

It comes with a sporty fin(c-shape outcoming) to give best fitting to ears and surprisingly this earphone didn’t come out of the ear once while running. Both eartips and sporty fins are exchangeable with other sizes. Like Boult Audio Curve earphone, this earphone also has a small magnetic ball present at the top of each earpiece. Means, if you are not using it then you can join them. But these earpieces get detached with small effort.

Sound One X50 Wireless Earphone Review 4

The Inline remote and microphone are present to the closest to the left earpiece. With 3 buttons on the inline remote, you can control your music volume, select songs, and take calls. This inline remote control is compatible with Android and iOS(iPhone) device. A USB port is given near buttons of the inline remote control and it is covered to protect it from any type of damage. Also, the weight of the inline mic was noticeable while running which makes feel us uncomfortable.Sound One X50 Wireless Earphone Review 5

For the price, we love the design as well as the build quality. Flat wire makes them tangle-free. Wires are protected well with the rubber coating around them. We ensure that these wires were strong enough to handle all kind of roughness till moderate level easily.

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Sound Performance

Using Sound One X50 bluetooth in-ear headphone for the first time, I observe that like every earphone this earphone also needs a warm-up or burn-in. This can be done by using “burn-in audio” app or simply play songs for the long duration. With the warm-up, the performance of this earphone increases. You can download the app from Play store.

To do burn-in using the downloaded app, simply you have to pair this earphone with your device. Open the app and select the duration(reminder) for burn-in. After performing the burn-in, you will discover that sound output which was muddy is now more clear, and detailed.Sound One X50 Wireless Earphone Review 6

I tested this earphone with varieties of songs of various genres(i.e. pop, rock, classical, metal, etc.) in Hindi, Punjabi, and English. It performs well in the sound clarity and sound coming out was loud & punchy but it was not hard that you feel pain after usage for several hours. I also played the Tushar lall’s version of Pirates Of The Caribbean where almost all the musical instruments were played. And this in-ear headphone performs well here. All the nodes coming out of the musical instruments can be heard clearly.

As expected, the Bass performance is above average and better than Boult Audio Muse. If you are a person who loves well balanced bass then this in-ear headphone is for you. Mids and highs were well balanced. I noticed that sometimes the lows disappears somewhere in the highs.

After the sound performance, Noise Cancellation is also a very important aspect for considering the overall performance of the earphone. This earphone stands on our expectation because either the volume is low or high outer noise will not disturb you. Also, for the better noise cancellation be sure that you are using the correct size of the earbuds.

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Connectivity and Battery Performance

Sound One X50 comes with Bluetooth version 4.1 for the universal connectivity. You can connect this device with the Android as well as iOS devices. The Bluetooth range of this in-ear headphone is up to 10 meters. So, roam around the house without tension and enjoy music and take calls without any hassle. I connected it with the Redmi 5 and without any problem, it gets connected. During call, if I am using this earphone then sometime person hearing me can’t hear my voice clearly, so solve out this we have reconnect again.

Battery backup of this earphone is above average. After the full charge, with the continuous playback this earphone gives backup of 4 to 5 hours.

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The Sound One X50 bluetooth earphone comes with a compact carrying case. Inside the box, there are 2 sets of different sized earbuds and an extra pair of ear hooks and a micro-USB charging cable. The carrying case is a neat addition and we liked the array of extras provided in the box.

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Final thought on Sound One X50

Sound One X50 Wireless Earphone Review 7

If you are a person who cares about the design and build quality then this earphone is for you. Its fitting and comfort will surely win your heart. The Sound performance is quite good and noise cancellation is best of its class whereas only thing you have manage and that is bass. Bass is well balanced and is not on the heavy side. A person who loves well balanced bass will love this earphone whereas if you are a heavy bass lover then you must go for headphones. Apart from these some cons of this earphone is pulling back its leg from being the best wireless bluetooth earphone under 1500 and those are heavy inline remote, company didn’t mention or say anything about the IP Rating value and last & most important is Sometimes not clear voice over call.

So this was the Sound One X50 Wireless Earphone Review, hope you like it and for any doubt feel free to contact us via comment.

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Sound One X50: Expert Score/Rating, Pros & Cons

8 Total Score
Sound One X50: Strong Player needs little attention

Sound Performance
Build Quality
Bass perfomance
Battery Backup
Value for Money
  • Clear and Smooth Sound
  • Well Balanced Bass
  • Noise Cancellation is best of its Class
  • Build Quality is very Good
  • Inline remote is heavy
  • Sometimes Not clear voice over Call
  • IP Rating not mention
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Test the bass performance of your earphone or headphone here with this video-

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