1More iBFree Bluetooth in-Ear headphone: Unboxing, in-Depth Review 2018

1More iBFree Bluetooth in-Ear headphone: Unboxing with in-Depth Review-20181More iBFree in-ear headphone unboxing

The specifications of the device only tell half of story but further half is covered by us and that is user experience.

More‘ is the word that sounds pretty to our ears as it means extra features or service than other. Similarly, 1More is a new electronic audio company which aims to do more than other audio companies in the field of the sound production, & product quality.

Surprisingly, these new audiophile company won many awards and even its one of the earphone named, 1More Single Driver, is on our Editor Pick’s list. Their effort not only stop here but all the Xiaomi‘s popular piston earphones are designed by the 1More.

Today, I am here to review another 1More’s product and that is 1More iBFree Bluetooth in-ear headphone. It is also known as ‘1More iBFree Bluetooth in-ear sport headphone’. Under this review, I will judge the earphone by taking sound quality, build quality, comfort, design & price as the priority.1More iBFree in-ear headphone overview

1More says that its all earphones/headphones including this iBFree in-ear headphone are tuned by Luca Bignardi (Grammy winning sound engineer) to give a precise representation of your favourite music. So let’s check out whether this 1More iBFree in-ear headphone is a potential player or not and also whether it stands on the company words or not.

1More iBFree in-ear headphone: Price and Availability in India

1More launches iBFree Bluetooth in-ear sport headphone in India with a price tag of Rs 3,599. Right Now, this earphone is available on Amazon but not on Flipkart. Also, you can buy it from 1More’s official website. It is available in four colour i.e., grey, red, green, and sky blue.

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Now let’s move toward the 1More iBFree in-ear headphone’s depth review.


Following things, I found in the box of 1More iBFree in-ear sport headphone-1More iBFree in-ear headphone unboxing

  • 1More iBFree in-ear headphone
  • Two Extra earpiece of different size (S, M)
  • Two Extra sporty fins(c-shape outcoming)
  • A USB Charging cable
  • One Teddy Sticker
  • A User Manual

1More iBFree in-ear headphone: Design & Build Quality

First impression is the last impression

1More iBFree in-ear headphone grey colorStarting with design, when I open the box and take out the earphone, my first word was WOW! The design of the headphone is brilliant. Fine finishing and proper mixture of the black and grey colour will win your heart. Together both of them gives a premium look to the earphone. Not only premium look but its angled design adds more value to the product. With angled design, it not only fits into the ear easily but also increases the noise cancellation.

It is a neckband-style Bluetooth earphone which fits comfortably around your neck. Its secure fitting and water-resistant IPX4 design make you tension free while doing any exercise. 1More utilizes eartips and sporty fin(c-shape outcoming) to give best fitting to ears. Both eartips and sporty fins are exchangeable with other sizes.1More iBFree in-ear headphone overviewThe Inline remote and microphone are present to the closest to the right earpiece. With inline remote you can control your music volume, select songs, and take calls. This inline remote control is compatible with Android and iOS(iPhone) device. A USB port is given near buttons of the inline remote control and it is covered to protect it from any type of damage. Working on the inline remote is like this-1More iBFree in-ear headphone remote

The textured Aluminium body of the earpieces was attractive and sturdy. Both earpieces were water-resistant or in a simple word they are protected from rainwater, splashing, and sweat. The wire used were thick to ensure durability.1More iBFree in-ear headphone

Bluetooth and aptX Coding on 1More iBFree in-ear headphone

1More iBFree earphone uses one of the latest Bluetooth version i.e., Bluetooth v4.1 to give better signal strength to your earphones from your device. Not only this, but 1More integrate aptX coding technology(Qualcomm‘s technology) with iBFree earphones to provide original sound experience to you. There was no signal loss as compared other high budget earphones with it on the same song. Also, you would be surprised to know that the integrated Bluetooth gives you a wireless experience upto 30 ft (approx 9.2 meters).

Sound Experience with 1More iBFree in-ear headphone

When I use this earphone for the first time then it didn’t sound well. Means, this earphone needs some warm-up(burn-in) and after doing so its sound performance increases. The warm-up of the earphone can be done by the app provided by the company, named ‘1More Assistant’. You can download the app from Play store.

To do burn-in, simply you have to pair this earphone with your device. Open the app and select the duration(reminder) for burn-in(by default it is set to 12 hr). After doing this, the output from the earphone was now more smooth and detailed. I tested 1More iBFree earphone with some popular Hindi, Punjabi, & English song of various genre(Metal, Rock, Classical, Pop etc) and it was a very good experience.

I played Indian version of the James bond by Tushar Lall over this sport in-ear headphone and

All the nodes sound clear

which comes out from the instrument(Flute, sitar, tabla, guitar, and sitar).1More iBFree in-ear headphoneWe choose this song as it consists of mids, lows, and highs and this earphone was capable to cover all these frequencies. It performs well on lows, and mids but not on highs. The sound was little harsh on highs. And if we talk about bass then it is not upto the mark or you can say deep bass lacks. But if we play the same song after setting Equalizer to Rock through 1More Assistant app & then the music comes out pretty good with moderate bass.
So this earphone is not for the heavy bass user but yes if you are a well-balanced bass lover then you are going to love it.

If you choose the perfect earbud size, then neither outer sounds come in nor inner goes out. Noise cancellation and sound leakage play an important role for a better sound experience. Noise cancellation was good. We didn’t experience any kind of disturb while listening to the song. Sound leakage from the earphone is nearly negligible and as a result, you will get the detailed song. If you are listening to the Interstellar instrumental music then you will feel that the sounds are coming from all side (surrounding feeling) and thanks to the no sound leakage design.

Other Best Work from the 1More- 1More Single Driver in-ear headphone with Depth Review

Battery performance

The performance or battery backup depends upon the volume level. When the volume level was 70% (nearly) it gives about 9-10 hr battery backup. Also, you will receive a notification on your smartphone when the battery of the earphone is near to discharge.

1More iBFree in-ear headphone: Final Opinion on review

If you are the person who is pretty concern about the design of the earphone then this is the best in-ear headphone. Its comfort and design even win our heart. The sound experience was very good on this earphone and the only thing you have to manage in the sound section and that is its bass performance. As already told, it is only for the well-balanced bass lover and not the heavy bass user. Also, it would be the best value for money wireless in-ear headphone if its price would be near 3000 or 3200. Searching for other option then Brainwavz BLU-Delta Bluetooth Headphones is also a good option. But it is only ahead of 1More in term of sound quality(only in high frequency), not is design, comfort, and battery life.

1More iBFree in-ear headphone Review in Pros and Cons


  • Great Sound Clarity
  • Eye-Catching design
  • Comfortable
  • Long Lasting Battery Life
  • Connectivity with Android and Apple devices
  • Good Build Quality
  • Good for balanced bass lover


  • Little Harsh when played on high-frequency song
  • Not for Heavy bass lover

Here is a short introduction on 1More iBFree wireless Bluetooth sport in-ear headphone[Video]

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