IP67 vs IP68: Waterproof IP Rating Explained [with Flow Chart]

IP67 vs IP68: IP Rating Explained [with Flow Chart]

With every day of success in the field of Smartphone, mankind is getting attached to its inventions making them convenient and ready to take their favourite devices anywhere and at any time, for that our beloved devices with no doubt require environmental protection and here’s when IP comes in. We have heard the term IP in latest Smartphones and wearables, terms like “IP67 vs IP68” are more frequent than ever, but what do they mean and what is the difference between these two? Below we have discussed the various level of IP protection and differentiated between them so that you get a clear idea on IP68 vs IP67.

IP67 vs IP68: IP Rating Explained

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What does IP stand for waterproof?

IP stands for Ingress Protection which basically means something that blocks entry or access to something else, IP’s main concern is to block tiny dust particles and moisture preventing the slow and painful death of our electronics.

IP’s are being used in a variety of devices like wearables, Smartwatch like the  Apple Watch Series 3 featuring the IPX7 rating allowing resistance against moisture and Smartphones like Google Pixel 2, and iPhone X are IP67 rated providing us resistance against dust and water. Latest devices like the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 claim their Smartphones as dustproof and water resistant (not waterproof) by the use of Ingress Protection they have used the latest level of IP in their devices i.e, IP67 and IP68.

The question now remains is what exactly does the number in IPXY denotes, well the numbers XY denotes the level of protection used. Here, X denotes the size of the physical object its protected against (dust particles) and the second one Y denoting the level of water or moisture protection provided (jet stream or water or splashes of water). The figure given below will describes each number and level of IP protection.

IP67 vs IP68: IP Rating Explained

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IP67 vs IP68: which is better?

Well by now you must have an idea of which better than which. Yes, the IP68 provides better protection than the IP67 because the IP67 only provides protection against dust and temporary submersion under water (3 feet up to approx. 30 minutes) whereas IP68 provides protection not only against dust but also provides protection against the effects of permanent submersion under water up to 13 feet providing extra safety and water resistance. Below we have put up a chart that will help u get a clear picture of different levels of IP protection.

IP67 vs IP68: IP Rating Explained

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Can I take my IP67 or IP68 rated devices on swimming?

Well, latest phones like the iPhone X, Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are IP67 rated and offer protection from temporary submersion which won’t allow you to take deep dives in water but rather protect phones from water and splashes  whereas phones like Sony Xperia XZ1 and Galaxy Note 8 are IP68 rated providing protection against the effect permanent submersion which would allow you take a dive with your Smartphone underneath upto 13 feet (depending on your phone ofcourse) of water level giving you the freedom to show off your photography skills underneath water on your swimming vaccation, exceeding 13 feet can cause the water pressure to tamper the IP coating and can be fatal for your beloved Smartphone (note: the brand like Apple and Samsung claim their phone to be water resistant and not waterproof, Apple or Samsung won’t cover the device under warranty, if it gets soaked so we recommend being cautious on your side and enjoy the swimming instead).

List of some latest Smartphones that supports IP67 protection:

List of some lastest Smartphones that supports IP68 protection:

List of some Wearables supporting IP67/IP68 Protection:

  • Apple’s watch
  • Huwaei watch 2
  • Sony Smartwatch 3
  • Ticwatch E
  • Fitbit Flex 2

That’s all we have to say about “IP68 vs IP67” and for any doubt feels free to ask via comment.

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