Roz Dhan: Earn Money, Read News, and Play Games

An average Indian spends around 4-6hours on his/ her smartphone texting, browsing, watching or playing games. We are not doing anything productive that will provide us with knowledge or money. But today, I am going to tell you how you can earn money and knowledge along with entertainment. Roz Dhan is an app that let you do these things all in one place. You can read articles, watch videos, play video games or share articles and all of this will result in earning money. Today, in this article I am going to guide you through all the steps that you need to follow to earn some real money. So, without wasting our time let’s get started.

Roz Dhan: Earn Money, Read News, and Play Games

Download the App Roz Dhan

The very first step that you need to follow is to download the application. It is a very easy and simple procedure to follow. Click on the link below to go to the downloading page and start the downloading- Roz Dhan App

Roz Dhan: Earn Money, Read News, and Play Games

Create your profile

Once you have downloaded the Roz Dhan app, create a profile either using Facebook or Google. As soon as you create your profile you get 25rs in your account. You can easily verify the amount by clicking on my tab and it will show you something like below picture. You can see that 25rs has been added to my account as soon as I created my account. So, download the app and create your account to get this free money just by creating your account.

Roz Dhan: Earn Money, Read News, and Play Games

After you have created your account, click on the Earn Money tab and here you will find an option to enter an invite code. By entering the invite code, you will be prompted to another 25rs. Click on Invite Code and enter 07JKFP to get another 25rs directly into your account. Enter the above code and click on ADD as shown in the image below. That’s it, you will get invitation amount added to your account in no time.

Roz Dhan: Earn Money, Read News, and Play Games

Now there are two major ways of earning on this application

  • The tasks that you perform
  • By inviting you friends and the tasks they complete
Roz Dhan: Earn Money, Read News, and Play Games

Now before I start explaining the two ways discussed above, let me tell you about the coin system followed by the application. For every task that you complete, you will be rewarded with some points. Let’s take an example and assume that you completed a task of sharing an article and it gave you 500 coins. Now, 250 coins are equal to 1rs. So, you earned 2rs. The more you share or read the more you earn. There is no earning restriction on this app about how much you share.

Your tasks

There are many tasks that you can perform and receive money from them.

  • Registration- When you complete the registration, you can easily earn up to 50rs. As soon as you complete the sign-in process, you are rewarded with this amount. This amount is divided into 2 parts- 25rs on registration and 25rs on entering the referral code.
  • Daily check-in: Just by opening the app and daily check-in you can easily earn coins. You have to open the app daily, if you miss one day the cycle will start from the beginning and you will lose your upcoming rewards.
  • Articles- You can read or share the articles with your friends and earn coins without doing anything. Share the articles to as many people you can and earn easily around 100rs.
  • Ranking List: Share the ranking list in your WhatsApp and you can instantly earn 20 coins.
Roz Dhan: Earn Money, Read News, and Play Games

These were the ways that you can follow to earn money on your own. But the big deal is inviting your friends to this app. They earn, you earn; sounds unbelievable? But it is true. Read the next step carefully and learn how you can easily earn by inviting your friends to this application.

By inviting friends

Have you ever heard the phrase “Sharing is Caring”? This app totally defines this statement. You can share this amazing app with your friends and earn with them. Here’s how you can earn with them-

Roz Dhan: Earn Money, Read News, and Play Games

Invite your friend- After you invite your friend and they download and register themselves on this app, you are rewarded with 1500 coins. Now for you to get those 1500 points your friend must complete some specific task provided by the app like enter your refer code (150coins), check-in (250 coins), share articles (250 coins), read FAQs (250 coins), invite friends (350 coins). As soon as he completes a task you are rewarded with these points without even doing anything. That’s the best part of this application. Invite as many friends as you can and earn without any restriction.

How you withdraw your money

Coins are converted into money after one day and you can easily transfer the money to your Paytm account. The only restriction here is that your transferring amount must be equal to 200rs or more. They are transferred to your Paytm account in maximum 2 business days. If somehow due to any problem, you are unable to get your money, feel free to contact Roz Dhan’s

Roz Dhan Earn Money, Read News, and Play Games

One more thing to notice is the taxation on the amount. If you have not entered your PAN card, it will deduce 20% amount while transferring it your Paytm account. But if you have registered your PAN card, then it will only deduct 10% of the total amount.


After personally using this app and verifying all the steps, I suggest you install and use this application. You can easily earn around 300rs daily from this app just by following some simple steps. There are so many fake applications present in the market but I assure you that this application is genuine and you should try it to earn some easy money. If you have not downloaded it yet- click here to start the downloading procedure.

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