Nokia Introduces Digital Voice Assistance- MIKA

Recently Nokia launches its first smartphone Nokia 6 in China who has made Millions of sale in last two sales.Now they had introduced Voice assistance-‘MIKA’.

MIKA-First Digital Voice Assiantance for telecomunication operators.


  •  It is Powered by Nokia AVA platform, Mika provides augmented intelligence & automated learning to access best practice.It will ease the engineers & telecom operators to access the data or information through voice commands.
  • The Company also introduced Predictive Repair, a Nokia AVA-powered service that forecasts potential hardware failure up to in 14 days in advance.Voice Assistance-MIKA

Once, Mobile giant Nokia has created a customised ‘Digital Voice Assistance‘ that would increase telecom operator’s efficiency by providing engineers with a faster access over important & critical information. It would also free the highly skilled & important workers to focus on critical tasks.

Department of Nokia analysis panel says that application of MIKA could ‘give back’ more than 1hr of productive time on each day to the engineers by providing them with an access to the information & recommendations through the interactive user interface.

It combines with great intelligence with an automated learning to provide access to an extensive range of tools, documents & data sources. It also includes Nokia AVA knowledge library & using this library, MIKA can provide recommendations based on similar issues as seen in other networks. MIKA is available through web interface & mobile agents so employees can tap it into its knowledge base.

Nokia Introduces Predictive Repair

Predictive Repair is a service that would enable operators to reduce costs & improve network quality. It can predict hardware failures & recommend replacements up to 14 days in advance, with an accuracy up to 95 percent. These type of recommendations will allow operators to increase efficiency by avoiding unnecessary site visits, excessive inventory,
wasted operations efforts, & false ‘No Fault Found’ returns.

It expertise Nokia’s in the sector of hardware services – correlating network, factory data, & repair centre. At MWC 2017 in Barcelona, Nokia’s MIKA Digital Voice Assistant would be demonstrated at the Nokia stands & also Nokia’s Predictive Repair would be available for customer trials.

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