JioPhone FAQs: Your Top 20 questions are here with answers

JioPhone FAQs : JioPhone with top 20 question

After the launch of the JioPhone, Jiophone is now in everyone mouth and its demand is increasing day by day. Days spent on and the debut of the people remain same and didn’t vanish. After the starting of Prebooking of the Jiophone, doubt of the people gets little smaller but still, there are many questions not clear yet and so today we will answer all the question related to the Jiophone (JioPhone FAQs).

Let’s start then! If you haven’t seen our post on Top 5 important things to do on booking the JioPhone then must see it. Now let’s begin the JioPhone FAQs:

  • So the first question in JioPhone FAQs is, “If I want to buy JioPhone then will I have buy a new SIM?”
    Yes, you need to buy a new SIM card. Or you can generate a new sim with legal documents and EKYC procedures instantly.
  • Second question, “when did the Jiophone booking starts either 15th of August or 24th of August?
    Actually it was planned to start distributing the handsets among all of its stores, game employers, partners, distributors from 15th August for testing. But all the customers will be able to grab the Phone from 24th. Know More about JioPhone Booking.
  • Next Question- What is the grace plan of Rs. 153 that comes with the JioPhone?
    Well, reliance has launched a new plan of Rs. 153 which is only for this feature Phone. Inside the Phone you’ll have 2 options of the plan one is of Rs. 153 and the other is Rs. 309. Under the plan of Rs. 153 you will get everything free like – unlimited Phone calls, unlimited video calling but a data of 0.5 GB. And if the data is not enough for you then you can subscribe the other plan of 1GB under the Rs. 309 plan. Another benefit of this plan is you can separately purchase data cable – I’ll discuss it later. Besides you stream any movie or video of your Phone on the TV. But it is only available for the subscribers of Rs. 309 plan but not for the subscriber of Rs. 153.
  • What will happen if I don’t recharge my Phone?
    If you don’t recharge the Phone then the number will be disconnected. This the called the rule of ‘TRAI’ in India. You have to recharge your Phone with 90 days. Otherwise the number will be deactivated. You can recharge your Phone in every 3 months of a year. So if you charge in January, you’ll be able to continue for 3 months – January, February and March. Means if your minimum recharge your Phone for 3 times a year then it’ll also work for you for the refund. Like this after the 3rd year for recharging 9 times in total your cost will be 1377 and you will get the refund of 1500 will be provided. But if you don’t continue then you will not get the refund as far as we know. There can be misplacement of information. Because it’s also said by that particular employee that the terms and conditions are not confirmed yet and there are problems happening in the internal authority.
  • Next Question- Any other recharge than Rs 153?
    If you feel like you don’t need that much recharge of Rs. 153 on your Phone, then you can take the weekly plan of Rs. 54 and continue. Besides you can also take the plan of Rs. 24 valid for 2 days for short term.
  • Next Ques- How to get the Jiophone for free?
    Intially, you have to pay 1500 and after 3 years, you can give the jiophone to Jio retailer and get 1500 refund back.
  • When and where to pre-order the JioPhone?
    You can pre-order the Phone in the month of August. You will find the exact date on the website of you can pre0order the device from the website or from any digital store of Reliance or from any partner stores of Reliance. Besides if you see anywhere with any advertisement board in front of any store, you can instantly pre-order the device from their just by submitting Rs. 1500 in advance. Know More on Preorder or booking JioPhone.
  • Next question- How’s the selfie camera quality of JioPhone?
    There are multiple models of JioPhone. Maybe you’ve seen in the leaked photos of JioPhone where there was no selfie camera in the device. But in other particular demo which was given by the son of Mukesh Ambani had a selfie camera. However reliance hasn’t revealed it yet. But it will be soon unveiled within a few days. But an exclusive is – there will be 56 six models.
  • Next question- Does Jiophone come with hotspot or not?
    As already told above, the phones comes with different models. All model will come in the range of Rs 1500 to 2400. Some jio phone will comes with the hotspot connectivity and some jio phone will not comes with the hotspot. It is sure If you get the JioPhone just right after it enters the market then you will not have wifi hotspot in your Phone.
  • Next ques- Which processor is used in the Jiophone ?
    As it has many variant so it will come with different processor too. Right now, phone has ‘KAI OS’ which is firefox based. Also Snapdragon Processor variant is available too which will have Hotspot for sure. But Reliance personally doesn’t want the hotspot to be used abusively. That’s why it has blocked this feature initially. Might you get it via update. Hope this hotspot related confusion is going to be cleared now.
  • Next Ques- What apps can be used on a JioPhone?
    This device contains a custom OS called ‘KIA OS’. So it’s not confirmed it yet if you can install app like you can do in Android Phones as APK files. But it’s confirmed that the device has the NAMO app, Facebook and YouTube app pre-installed in it and the WhatsApp under development. That is an exclusive news as well. So whenever they’ll settle in the feature of NFC in this keypad mobile, the WhatsApp will also be installed in it.

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  • Next Ques- What is the difference between the Jio plan of Rs. 153 and Rs. 309?
    There are primarily 2 important difference. You’ll get 0.5 GB in the Rs. 153 plans and 1 GB data in the Rs. 309 plan.
  • Next Ques- In Rs. 153 plan is it possible to watch JioCinema or JioTV?
    Yes, you can access everything including JioCinema and JioTV under Rs. 153 plan. But to access the Tv stream you’ll have to subscribe the Rs. 309 plan.
  • Next Ques- Does the Phone have Dual SIM?
    No, right now the Jiophone which will enter the market doesn’t comes with dual sim variant.
  • Next Ques- Will there be Bluetooth tethering?
    No, it doesn’t support Bluetooth tethering.
  • Next Ques- Does it support GPS?
    Yes, it supports GPS.
  • Next Ques- Which voice assistant does this Phone support?
    As far as I know this device supports ‘Google Voice Search’. So obviously it will also support the English and Hindi search.
  • Next Ques- Is voice call free in JioPhone or I need to buy Voice Call packs?
    As Mukesh Ambani said, “If you buy Jio SIM, your voice pack will always be free.” So you just need to buy data pack, not voice pack.
  • Next Ques- Does the Phone support wifi?
    Yes, JioPhone does support to Wi-Fi feature.
  • Last Ques in JioPhone FAQs- Please explain TV cable and dongle?
    You need to buy TV cable and dongle separately. The dongle has 2 variables – VGA cable and HDMI cable. If you have smart TV then you can purchase HSDMI cable. And if you have an old one then you can purchase VGA cable. Then you need to connect your Phone with the dongle and then connect the dongle with the TV.

Know the Full Specification of the JioPhone here or book your Jiophone here- Booking of the JioPhone.

So that’s all the questions I had today in JioPhone FAQs. Hope that I answered all of your questions. Still, any doubt feel free to ask via comment.

Thanks for reading.

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