JioPhone Dual Sim: All you need to know about dual sim variant of JioPhone

Many people were confused over the number of the sim slot available on the recently launched JioPhone but it is clarified to you that JioPhone only comes with the Single sim slot and that sim slot will only have a Reliance Jio Sim in it. Also, there is the lot rumor on the launch of the JioPhone dual sim. So, let’s get into the topic and dig out the truth behind it.

Truth behind Launch of the Jiophone Dual Sim Variant

Unfortunately, there is no such official or strong leaked news that hints toward the launch of the Jiophone dual sim variant. It would be a good news if such news happens as only one feature that JioPhone has missed and that is dual sim compatibility. If the launch of the new JioPhone Dual Sim handset come true, the device will be better and more usable. Also, we can say that the Dual SIM variant of the phone (if launched) will have one SIM slot locked for Jio SIM and the second one can be for any other SIM network operator. So, Let’s wait and watch what Reliance is going to do.

Lets us know what interesting features did recently launch JioPhone had.

On 21st July, a new history created by Mukesh Ambani in the sector of the gadgets and technology. At Reliance Annual General Meeting (AGM), Mukesh Ambani (chairman of RIL) announced a cheapest 4G phone with a tag of ‘INDIA KA SMARTPHONE’. The name of the Handset is JioPhone and it launched at effective price of Rs 0. Yes, you heard correct the handset is free (Discussed below how you can buy it for free).JioPhone India Ka Smartphone

Words by Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani says that “There are 78 crores mobiles in India and among those, 50 crores phones are left out of the digital revolution.” He also said that “Data is the oxygen of digital life, and no Indian should suffer because of unaffordability. Sadly the vast majority of mobile users are starved of data. This unfairness must end, and Jio is committing to ending it today.” He further added that “To accomplish these all, we have to strengthen the pillars likes connectivity, data affordability, and device affordability.

JioPhone Dual Sim for indian

JioPhone Available or Release Date in India

Firstly, the JioPhone will available from 15th August for testing (in Beta mode), and then from 24th August, it will open for pre-booking on MyJio app and Jio offline store across India. The delivery of the phone will starts in the month of September. The user will get the smartphone by first come first serve ( पहले आयें पहले पायें ).
The Jio company expects that 5 million JioPhone units will be available every week for customers. That means most of the customer will able to get Jiophone on their hand & will not suffer the pain of out of stock that Xiaomi phones did.

Buy JioPhone for Free

Some of you will be really in shock that how one can buy the JioPhone for free but it is actually true and its price is effectively Rs 0.
Now read below how you can buy it for free

  • A User has to pay Rs 1,500 to buy it. (At the time of pre-booking).
  • At the end of 3 years, if a user returns the JioPhone then he/she will get a refund of Rs 1500.
    Note: -The amount you pay is only a security deposit so as to avoid any potential misuse of data.
  • Thus by this method, you can buy JioPhone for free.

Now, Let’s move to it features that make this phone awesome and India ka Smartphone.

Feature and Specification of JioPhone

The phone comes with all the standard or common feature that a regular/simple handset has. Now, the point is that what is new and What makes it different from other phones that make its known as India ka Intelligent Smartphone which has been developed by Indian engineers.

Key features of JioPhone

  • It supports 4G VoLTE.
  • NFC will be enabled on the phone till the end of the year 2017. Either you buy it today or later on, this feature will be used after their software update. With NFC, you can tap and Pay on some shop(shop that accepts e-payment) with your linked bank account or by adding a credit card. It works similar to Apple pay and Samsung pay.
  • It comes with a voice command feature. One can give voice input in Hindi and English to make or respond to call or even send messages. Not only this, you can ask queries and play any song from your voice.

    Jiophone tells the date of Ganeshji Chaturthi

    Ask any date, Jiophone will tell you.

  • It comes with SOS features and this feature will be activated only when you press 5 number button for a longer time. The contact that you have assigned will receive an alert message.
    The message will inform your friend about the current address(with Latitude and Longitude) which is very useful & you won’t get this features even on any priced smartphones.
    Not only this, Jio will add Police and other services in near future.
  • Featured Single Sim (Locked for Reliance Jio Sim).
  • It comes with 3.5mm Jack. So you can attach the earphones. (Best Earphone under ₹ 1000 in India to use with JioPhone).
  • 2.4-inch Display.
  • JioPhone will support as many as 24 Indian languages.
  • FM radio support, a microSD slot, and a torch.
  • Pre-loaded app like MyJio, Mann ki Baat, JioPhone Browser, Facebook.JioPhone Dual Sim Feature

JioPhone comes with many exciting offers and Plans

  • One can Recharge for Rs 153 to get unlimited 4G Data, voice calling and messaging. It is valid for a month.
  • Also, Small recharges were put forward considering if jio users can’t afford the recharge of Rs 153. A two day recharge worth Rs 24 and a weekly recharge worth Rs 54 are the two mini recharge that offers unlimited 4G Data, voice calling and messaging.
  • Also, a recharge of Rs 309 Dhan Dhana Dhan plan will give you access to stream or watch your mobile’s video on the TV screen via a cable.

You can watch the live event video that attached below-

In a case of any doubt, feel free to ask us in the below comment.

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