Facebook welcome Hugo Barra as VP after he leaves Xiaomi

Hugo Barra has left Xiaomi after joining job at Facebook, Virtual Reality including Oculus team.When Hugo Barra gave resignation from Xiaomi this week, he said only that he wanted to return to Silicon Valley and didn’t specify where he was going to join his next job or will start up his own company.

But it is now made clear Mark Zuckerberg confirmed this on Facebook that Hugo will be joining Facebook VR.

Mr. Barra will be joining as a Vice President in next couple of months & he will lead their Virtual Reality including Mr. Zuckerberg Oculus team as said in a comment on Mr. Zuckerberg’s Facebook post.Zuckerberg has been working to make VR work on smartphones.

Barra has experience on developing Google’s Android OS Business and Xiaomi Phones.Hugo Barra nearly spent 3.5 years to raise Xiaomi global business.

Facebook in December gave the chief executive officer of Oculus, Brendan Iribe, a stepped down a role from his post and started looking for a replacement for the division.

Hugo marks
Mr. Zuckerberg shares a picture of his virtual reality with Mr. Barra.

Mark Zuckerberg said “So Here we are together in VR,It seems fitting”

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