Google New Project, ARCore: Bringing Augmented Reality to Android device

Google shading out Tango?Google ARCore ProjectFor last 3 years since 2014 Tango has shown its flash through amazing frameworks. Well, if that can be a flash, then this time Google brings you an ultimate magic this time. Tango was just the start-up platform. Now what is has been stretched up to is way more huge, addictive and stunning. Google presents you the ARCore, a new platform that that use Augmented Reality in present and future Android phones. Tango used to need lots other equipment to be well-suited with devices that carries AR features. But Tango will be an obsolete topic soon. Because ARCore here has the best weapon to defeat Tango with no equipment to be set up with the devices.

The best part of it is – with ARCore phones won’t need any extra hardware like Tango needed.Google ARCore; No need of the such hardwareIt will be set inside with other software development kits to make it look simple and easier. Here is a video for your ease to understand about how this ARCore works.

Introducing ARCore to the Android User (Must See)

Google reveals that ARCore works with Java/OpenGL, Unity and Unreal and focuses on three things:

  • Motion tracking: Using phone camera, ARCore ascertains both the position and the orientation of the phone as it moves.
  • Environmental understanding: ARCore can detect horizontal platforms working in the same way how it does in motion tracking.
  • Light estimation: ARCore detects the presence of proper light in the perspective situations and makes virtual objects possible to act with the change or presence of their surroundings and exhibits their presence more actual.

Target set by Google

Google’s targets to reach hundred million of devices. Google says that it’s working with Samsung, Huawei, LG, ASUS etc. to make this possible. But initially ARCore will inaugurate with Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S8 (with 7.0 Nougat or higher).Google ARCore will arrive to these device firstGoogle can hold its biggest advantage when it comes to AR technology with devices. May be to exaggerate this conception, Google is thinking to make its AR technology work with browsers like Chrome.

Besides working for mobile developers, it has suggested the web developers to start with a sample browser to try out the AR technology. Google says, In future these custom browsers will allow developers to make AR-enhanced websites that run on both Android as well as iOS.Augmented Reality with Google ARCoreARCore overviewIt cannot be denied that Google is racing to capture the android device market as much as possible. Well, no wonder that Google has brought a benchmark to its AR ambitions. It’s quite clear now that Google is shifting strategies towards AR with the screening of ARCore. And it’s true that ARCore will deliver AR capabilities to Android smartphones at such a level Tango was never able to perform.A person with the Google ARCore On the other hand, it also cannot be ignored how it quickly responded to the recent AR activity by Apple. It has already been commented that it’s a show off from Google to compete in the tech-market.

Google vs AppleApple vs Google: Fight on the augmented reality

But right now instead of focusing all over the market Google is focusing just over Apple to surpass in the competition to take lead. Well, Google is under obvious pressure to compete with Apple’s trivial version of AR. But Google is trying hardcore to make people gulp this technology.

Now the big question is will Google be successful in this? The question arises when Google promises to reach hundred million of devices and even more in the ultimate stage. Then it will be real amazement to see it becoming true serving huge android platform.

But still throughout all of this we can’t tell if google is actually shading out the tango just now, because this ARCore came up to here with Google taking hand of Tango.

For us it’s just now time to wait see what Google brings to show this world again through this word-of-mouth ARCore.

Still, any doubt so feels free to ask via comment.

Thanks for reading. We are waiting to see you again.

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