Google New ‘Fuchsia’ OS might replace Android, new UI shown up

Update- The Vice President of Android Engineering, Dave Burke confirms that Fuchsia is an open source and it will be independent to Android.

Besides Android and Chrome OS, Google was also working on its new OS named ‘FUCHSIA’. Unlike Android or Chrome OS which are based on Linux, Fuchsia is built on a new, Google-built kernel called “Magenta”. With the new OS Fuchsia, Google will not only drop the Linux kernel, but also the GPL where the OS are licensed under a mix of 3 Clause BSD, MIT, & Apache 2.0. This news might shock you but to continue with Linux kernel, Google has no more desire.

Fuchsia – A Google’s Project


Logo of New OS-Fuchsia

This OS was firstly come into look in August 2016 but then it was just on the command line. But after a long time, we have seen a new awesome UI interface called ‘Armadillo’   that Google has added till yet. This OS is somewhat based on card-based design. Just look at the video and imagine how Google is working on it.

The UI used on it is known as ‘Armadillo’ and is built on Google’s Flutter SDK, a project that actually designs cross-platform code that runs on Android, including iOS. Thus, It might run on all devices of all major platform.

Armadillo logo based on Fuchsia

Armadillo logo designed by a Google’s Artist

So, Armadillo provides for different cards to be dragged around on the screen for use in a split-screen or tabbed interface. Also, You can feel the style of Google-Now and other Android OS. Just look at these photos and imagine how Google is working on it.

Fuchsia OS Armadillo UI Preview

Fuschia Home Screen (May)

Home Screen, pic by ARS Technica

Under the profile pic, a panel resembling Google Now with a placeholder search bar & suggestion cards. Armadillo’s documentation says, “a suggestion is a representation of an action the user can take to augment an existing story or to start a new story. The suggestion contains enough information to build the visual representation of that concept.” So possibly they will run more like an app launcher? So, It’s tough to say anything at this time.

Fuchsia's keyboard.

Keyword Interface, pic by ARS Technica

Fuchsia split screen

Different cards to be dragged for use in a split-screen mode, pic by ARS Technica

Fuchsia split screen

Split screen, pic by ARS Technica

Dragging a card onto another one can trigger a split-screen mode. The user can split an app by 50/50 vertically or horizontally, move in another app for the 33/33/33 split, or even a tab bar appear for using all the open apps in the full-screen. You can also have two apps split vertically next to two other split apps. All you could see from the above two pics. This is far more flexible than the latest Android in term of current multi-tasking functionality.

Since Google hasn’t made any public or official comments on Fuchsia existence or what it is for but at Google’s documentation, they describe that Magenta wish to target “Modern phones & computers, non-trivial amounts of RAM with arbitrary peripherals doing open-ended computation”.

Keep in mind that all of this is subject to change, as the Armadillo user-interface (and the rest of Fuchsia OS) is still under massive development. It’s also tough to tell what Google’s plans are for the operating system. Will it be ignored to Internet-of-Things devices & other basic hardware, or will it some day replace Android altogether?  So, wait and see.

Check the Project on New OS-Fuchsia on Google Source.

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