Flipkart launches ‘Buyback Guarantee’ exclusively for Moto G5 Plus, a best future exchange value

Flipkart an e-commerce company has launched a ‘Buyback guarantee’ scheme solves the biggest problem that many customers face on exchanging the old smartphone with the new one during exchange deal.
Now with the Buyback Guarantee, customers can exchange their phone at the available rate when they plan to buy the new smartphone on Flipkart. The Scheme has specially launched first for the Moto G5 plus which will be launched today in India.Moto G5 Plus flipkart buyback Guarantee


There are thousands of smartphone available in the market & technology is changing so fast makes the customer exchange their smartphone after 1 years of usage on an average. That’s why Flipkart started this scheme keeping in customer needs to resolve the issue on regular fluctuating exchange value from time to time depending on market condition cause the customer to think twice on upgrading to a new smartphone.

With the Buyback Guarantee offer, the customer will get benefited from the market fluctuations to give the best future exchange value that helps you to upgrade to your next smartphone.

Buyback Scheme Example

If you bought your new Moto G5 plus today which is eligible for Buyback Guarantee only on Flipkart & in future after fair usage of this phone can say in between 6 to 8 months decided to purchase a new smartphone which is priced at Rs 30,000 whose Buyback Guarantee amount is supposedly Rs 12,001. You would be paying a deducted amount of Rs 17,999 only.Moto G5 Plus flipkart buyback


Things to know more about on how you can apply for the Buyback Guarantee scheme that can be useful in future when you purchase your new smartphone.

  • The Buyback Guarantee scheme will be applicable only for the new smartphones priced higher than the Moto G5 Plus or other smartphones on which BuyBack Guarantee scheme available.
  • Customer can redeem the Buyback Guarantee amount only between 6 to 8 months after fair usage from the time of purchase of Moto G5 Plus or other smartphones on which Buyback Guarantee scheme available.
  • Customer can also exchange even after eight months of usage but Buyback Guarantee will not be applicable this time you can only go through the regular exchange offers.

In addition to this, the returned Moto G5 Plus should be in good working condition with display intact. Customer should return the smartphone with the original box, along with the original charger and original accessories in working condition to claim the Buyback Guarantee.

With the new Scheme, we think that Flipkart aim is to encourage customers on buying a new smartphone or upgrading to a new one only from their e-commerce platform.
As there are lots of smartphone available on market & new devices launched every day makes the consumer change their device in frequent time.

On an average consumer tends to upgrade their smartphone in 12 months or even lesser in most cases. But the Flipkart Buyback Guarantee deadline is in between 6 to 8 months that looks a quite short span of time avail to exchange.

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