Emergency ! Facebook help’s to You

Facebook has launched an update to Safety check, called Community check with which one can help anybody, anytime, & anywhere & even sufferer can also search for helper in term of food, clothes, transportation, & shelter. Facebook help will be engaged to almost all disaster.

Since it’s Safety Check was activated many times which proves the usefulness of such feature. Even with the Community check, many people live going to saved.

Actually, with community check’s feature one can find & give help, & message other directly to connect after a crisis. The particular post can be searched by category & location. This feature gonna making easier to anyone needs.

How to activate it?

Simple, you have to do nothing as Facebook would activate everybody on Safety check those who are in that region. Now, you would a have a question how facebook know’s your area? So, It’s simple, Facebook will go through your city that you have listed in your Profile, your current location, & other signals that point you to that area.

Get Clear Knowledge about this exciting feature-

fb safety check

Safety Check

Posted by Facebook on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Facbook also talked with experts, humanitarian relief organizations & their own in-the-field researchers to learn how to make more it easier for people to find & give help.

To start more on this, they will make Community Help which would be available for natural & accidental incidents, such as an earthquake or building fire. They are also starting in the India, US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, & Saudi Arabia for the first couple of weeks, & as they learn more about how people use their product.

But for using this Feature after incident, you must firstly activate Safety Check & for activating, you should know this steps-

  • NC4 and iJET International would alert Facebook that an incident has occurred & given it a title, & then facebook will start monitoring for posts of the incident in the area.
  • If people are talkative about the incident, then they may be suggested to mark themselves safe, & invite others to do the same.

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