Top 5 Cool & Best Youtube trick that you must know

Did you know, Youtube is a place of billions of video and every day over millions of video being watched. That makes youtube a second most visited website after Google. Even Facebook is just behind it.
So, Youtube has become a general app that every smartphone users have & many are addicted to use it for their various purpose like listening song, watching movies, learning on any topic & lot more. So we have listed out various tech tips & tricks that will be useful for you & can take more advantages from youtube.
Many of you are not aware of the Youtube tips and tricks and by using these useful tricks you will love visiting more on Youtube.
So, let’s get into it.

Top 5 Cool Youtube Tips and Tricks
topbestof youtube tips and tricks

1-  How to Make GIFs from Youtube video?

  • First, Open a browser that you have in your system and then visit
  • Now, copy the video URL of which you want to make a GIF. Your video URL in mobile will be like this….. whereas in Laptop or desktop it will be….
  • So you need to edit the URL by typing gif word before youtube word. For example –… or…. and then hit enter.
  • A new Window will be open. Now, there you will need to select the desired segment you want to make GIF for that select the starting time and the ending time till where you want to make the GIF. Then select “Trim Clip” option.
  • After doing so click “Create GIF” option shown above.
  • Click on “No thanks” if they ask for Money to remove Watermark and fill other blanks if you want and then select Next option.
  • Finally, click on the option “Download GIF” and downloading will appear after signing up.Youtube tips and tricks for creating gif

2- How to repeat Youtube songs or any videos?

  • First, Open a browser that you have in your system and then visit
  • Now, search for the song or the video that you want to repeat or want to play in a loop.
  • Now your video URL in the mobile will look like….. whereas in Laptop or desktop it will look like….
  • So you need to edit the URL by typing repeat word before youtube word. For example – or….  and then hit enter.
  • A new Window will be open. Play your video and at the end of the video, it will play the same over & over.
  • Thanks to @Jatin_Mandav for suggesting a simple way of repeating Video in laptop/desktop only. He tells that while watching a youtube video, one can repeat or loop a video by selecting loop option shown after a right click on the video.

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3- How to Play Youtube Videos in Background (during screen lock or switching to other apps)?

  • First, you need to download Mozilla Firefox web browser to your device from your Playstore. We prefer Mozilla because it is very easy to work with it. Google Chrome can also do these all but you have to do bit extra work. [See the last step for Chrome]
  • Then open Mozilla Firefox. You will see three dots on upper-right side, & click on it.
  • A pop-up menu will appear on which there will be an option for “REQUEST DESKTOP SITE”, & select or tick it.
  • After that run youtube video and all done. Now when you lock your device or you switch to other apps, your video will keep running in the background.
  • Note- For Chrome, when you try to run video in the background then every time video get paused so you have to manually play the video from the notification bar.
    Youtube tips and tricks for Playing Youtube Video In Background

4- How to watch Youtube videos in slow motion?

There are a couple of ways to do it. One way that is most common works only on Laptop/Desktop while the second way is applicable on both ie., mobile & laptop/desktop.

  • First Method- if you are using Laptop or Desktop then play a youtube video and hold spacebar. You will find that your video is now running in slow motion.
  • Second Method- Open in Mobile using a browser and then copy the URL of the video that you want to watch in slow motion. Now, in new tab type and then hit enter. Submit your video URL in the new window and thus your video will now play in slow tips and tricks for Youtube video in slow motion

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5- How to download YouTube Videos in your phone/system without any app?

  • Open youtube website on your device using any browser (UC Browser, Chrome).
  • Search for your favorite videos or the videos you want to download.
  • Select your video and when it starts playing then pause it and then go to address bar.
  • And just add “ss” before the youtube word. For example, your link is “————-“.
  • So change it to “————-” and then hit enter.
  • You will see the download link of the video, also you can choose the quality of the video too.Youtube tips and tricks for downloading youtube video

Still any Doubt so feel free to ask via comment because we are here for you only.

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