Audio Technica reveals 4 New High end product for India

On 23rd September, Audio Technica reveals 4 New High-end product for India in Delhi. Those products were New ATH-MSR7SE headphones, ATH-AR3BT (Bluetooth enabled) on-ear headphones, ATH-ADX5000 audiophile, and ANC headphones(various range).

Let’s check all one by one and know how their features are useful to us.

ATH-MSR7SE headphones (Special Edition model)

After the success of the ATH-MSR7 headphones, Audio Technica launched a special edition- ATH-MSR7SE headphones, to engage more heart of the people. Let’s have a look at the announcement

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ATH-ADX5000 audiophile reference headphones

Audio-Technicaʼs new ATH-ADX5000 open-back headphones describe a new reference in home audio listening. Let’s have a look at the announcement.

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QuietPoint active noise-cancelling (ANC) headphones lineup

Audio Technica introduces a QuietPoint active noise-cancelling (ANC) headphones lineup in India and those headphones are ATH-ANC40BT in-ear model with Bluetooth wireless, ATH-ANC70 over-ear headphones, and high-value ATH-ANC50iS. Let’s have a look at the announcement.

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ATH-AR3BT(Bluetooth enabled) on-ear headphones

Audio Technica introduces an ATH-AR3BT on-ear headphone which is Bluetooth enabled headphone. Let’s have a look at the announcement.

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Today’s Inshort tips & tricks:

Have you ever tried to play Youtube video in the background on your Smartphone?

While playing youtube, if you want to go to other app or want to lock your phone while listening song played in youtube, then it was not possible as always youtube app gets closed. But not from now, here is the easiest way to play youtube video in the background on your Smartphone is-

  1. First of all, download Mozilla Firefox web browser to your device via playstore.
  2. Then open the Mozilla Firefox web browser.
  3. You will see three dots on upper-right side, &  click on it.
  4. A pop-up menu will appear in which there will be an option for “REQUEST DESKTOP SITE”, & select or tick it.
  5. After that run youtube video and done, Now when you lock your device or you switch to other apps, your video will still be played in the background.Playing Youtube Video In Background

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