1More Piston Classic in-ear headphone launched; Price, Specs, Features & More

1more piston classic earphone1More which was popular for the piston fit earphone, now launches a new earphone named, 1More Piston Classic. In India, 1More Piston Classic is priced at Rs 1,499. Keeping wide choices of the people in the mind, 1More launches Piston Classic in three color and those are black, Gold, & Rose gold.

1More Piston Classic earphone1More Piston Classic earphone

Key Specification of 1More Piston Classic earphone [Explained]

  • This earphone has an Impedance of 32 ohms which is good. (If impedance is greater than 25 ohms then it means that this earphone can also be used with a wider range of audio equipment).
  • Cord length: 1.2m (120 cm)
  • It has a Frequency Response of 20Hz -20KHz which is good. (An earphone which comes with wider frequency so one can hear both lower frequency and higher frequency sound. The lower frequency sound includes thump and bass while higher frequency includes shrill and sharp sounds).
  • It is very light and portable i.e., it weighs only 13g.
  • It has a normal Sensitivity value and that is about 98 dB/mW. (The sensitivity range lies within 90-110dB/mW. So lower will be the sensitivity, more secure your ear will be but this doesn’t imply that you listen audio for long period.)
  • Inline control button which is compatible with Android and iOS device gives you control over volume, songs selection, and response to calls.
  • Gold plated 3.5mm Jack plug is straight.
  • Compatible with laptop/PC/mobile/tab.
  • Warranty card that holds 1-year warranty.

Did you Know: Xiaomi’s popular piston earphones are designed by the 1More.


With bending of 15° angle, this earphone is designed well to fits into the ear. It comes with 3 sets of silicone ear tips of various sizes(S, M, L). Use of Aluminium alloy body and Kelvar core cable together, strengthen the build quality of the earphone. You will surprise to know that Kevlar fibre is used in the bulletproof vest and other body armor around the world. 1More says that losing color from the earphone is impossbile as the metal chase surface is anodized.

Design of 1More Piston Classic earphoneDual system Patented Technology in 1More Piston Classic

This earphone gives you the freedom to choose between Android and iOS. Yes, you hear correct. You can use it on Android and iOS as well.


1More claims that like 1More Single drive earphone(Best earphone under Rs 3,000), this earphone is also tuned by the Luca Bignardi and thus capable to give best of the your favourite song. 1More says that they has selected metal composite diaphragm to allow the metal clip to have outstanding performance in high frequency which will give a mellow sound in detail.

To Know more on the performance, let us do the depth review of 1More Piston Classic- till then wait or we can give you assurance that 1More is the new company which works hard and as a result their 1More Piston Fit ranked 1st in the Top 10 Best earphone under Rs 1,000.

For 1More Piston Classic’s Pros & cons, keep in touch we will be right back soon with the 1More Piston Classic’s depth review.

Still, any doubt? Feels free to ask via comment.

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