Cortana: Your New Personal Assisstant on Android

Today, Google and Apple have the strong hold on the smartphone’s market. Both of these giants holds the market more tightly with the help of their Personal assistants & those are Google Assistant and Siri & even both of them works very admirably. But Wait, one other personal assistant is also in the way and that is Cortana. This personal assistant was created by Microsoft. Initially, it was created to work on windows devices and PC but not anymore. Yes, it’s true. Now Microsoft brings its own personal assistant to the android world.

Why prefer Personal assistant?

Today in the 21st century, most people are now familiar with AI-powered personal assistants. AI personal assistants can perform many actions that can save your time, including sending messages, calling to someone, checking the weather and your email, scheduling tasks, and making lists. With only using your voice, personal assistants allow you to carry out everyday tasks. They can also provide you with key information right when you need it.

Now, Let’s get into the world of Artificial Intelligent (AI)

Say Hello to Cortana

What makes Cortana so special?

Well, Cortana is designed considering user intention to make their time useful whenever they need it. So, Cortana has its following uniqueness that could be useful for users:

  • Answer to any question intelligently.
  • Remain on the top to track all your important stuff.
  • Can be accessed from any device.
  • Even set a task using your PC, & it will alert you on your android mobile.
  • Set a Reminder for all the task.
  • She helps you to track out your passionate things.
  • She gives the recommendation on your taste.
  • It spits out funny responses on funny topic.

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Cortana in the Android World

Its a good news for all android user that Cortana as the Personal assistant is now available on Play Store. We have tested it on Redmi Note 4 and it performs really well. Like other known personal assistant either it is Google Assistant or Siri, she also works with the help of internet. Presently, Microsoft is working to improve it more and more so that it can give a tough competition to all the presently ruling AI’s Market. Now, Let’s explore more about it and check what else it can do for us. Just look at these screenshots and think how well did Cortana works.

Cortana response

1.Your name is on her tip.  2.She can also do these.  3.Funny Reply on “ok google”

Cortana's response

1.Smart reply by her.  2.Beautiful Reply on love.  3.Great Reply on Bill Gates

Cortana's response

1.Set quick reminder.   2. See your list of reminder.  3.Reply on compare 

Cortana's response

1.Call on command.   2.Weather report.  3.Shows the nearest restaurant

How to Install Cortana to your android?

Don’t worry you can simply search “CoA Preview” on Google play store. Or Get it from

How to step into with Cortana?

  1. After getting installed, just give all permission and don’t get worried about security because it is Microsoft.
  2. If you are a new user then create Microsoft account or log into it. And all set.
  3. Say Hello to your new personal assistant Cortana.cortana's setting

Recommend Setting to do

Enable 4 featuresSwitch on these feature in cortana

  • Turn on “Hey Cortana” feature, to let you respond whenever you say “Hey Cortana” after that start a voice search whatever issues you want to ask from the app without tapping mic.
  • Enable Cortana on the lock screen to give you update about the world, your favorite place, events & more.
  • Enable its sync notification to get miss call, *low battery, & *app notifications. (*These feature will be available in next update).
  • Don’t forget to add your Home, & work address. Also, add your favorite places.

Rock and Roll with your New Personal Assistant Cortana.

Here is a video from Microsoft which tells you how Cortana works even when your smartphone will be locked. Look into the video for better understanding.

Note- This App is unreleased as Microsoft improving it day by day but till you can download its preview version to enjoy.

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