Best Useful & Recommended Android Apps 2017

With over more than 2 million apps, and new ones it becomes difficult which one to install especially it is confusing for those who are new to the Android World.There are many apps available for the certain category that becomes hard to find the one you want.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best android apps 2017 for each category that you can download today for free & this listed app comes in most recommended one as I think that most of you already have some of the below-listed apps but if you don’t have in any of these then you should definitely install them.

Best E-Wallet Apps

  • Topbestof paytmPaytm-Payment, Wallet & Recharge
    Thinking of E-Wallet then Paytm is the best option among others, as it comes with lots of useful features, you can add money to your wallet from all available banks, you can sendreceive money from your friends, customer by scanning QR Code from your or their device.Even Paytm get RBI approval for Payment Bank. Moreover, the options like recharge, bill payments, booking bus, flight & railway ticket are also available with some offers.

Get it on Google Play


    BHIM app is developed by National Payment Corporation of India(NPCI) which is based on User Payment Interface(UPI).It allows the user to send & receive money to other UPI payment address or scanning QR or Account No. with IFSC code or to Mobile Money Identifier (MMID) code which is not a UPI-based bank account. It also allows a user to check current balance of their bank account. Even this app more useful as it also works on user’s fingerprint which is very good for security purpose.
    NOTE: – Beware of fraud BHIM app 

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  • phone pe topbestofPhonePe(पे)

    PhonePe is an India’s first UPI-based app & Now, it is owned by Flipkart. PhonePe collaborates with Yes bank so that’s why its virtual address ends with @ybi. It allows the user to recharge, bill payment, book a ticket for the train, movie, flight, & more. Even one can transact about one lakh per day on the only UPI-based transaction. It guides user at each step which makes transaction very easy for everyone. Get it on Google Play

Best Caring app for your loving one

  • trusted contact topbestofTrusted contact

    Trusted Contact is an app developed by Google. It is a personal safety app that opens a direct line of sharing location between you & your loving ones. It aims to protect you in any worse condition. Add your family member & close friends as trusted contact. The interesting thing about this app is that it allow trusted contacts people to request your location, If everything is fine with you then you can deny their request but if you are unable to answer your location then it automatically shares your location even you are offline or out of battery.

    Get it on Google Play

Best Password Manager

  • LastPassLastPass

    Worrying about storing lots of login ID & passwords, then LastPass is best in this category. This app works great for storing your important info. It just manages & generates your password in a secure vault. The interesting part is that it auto fills the web browser, & app login for you instantly. But you should remember LastPass password for login & rest it will manage. Even, you can get access to all your data anytime, anywhere, & on any type of device i.e., phone, tablets, PC. Also, Fingerprint protection, writing & sharing notes, and  Add your trustworthy people to access at any time in case of any emergency.


Best Photography Apps

  • B612 topbestofB612

    Fond of taking the stunning photos, then prefer B612 from Line Corporation which gives you a great experience while taking photos. This app is specially designed for taking selfies. Even it Load with fun, the fresh feature that is hard to find together all in one app. One of the most important features of this app is its advanced filter which would make your photo more beautiful & effective to upload or share on Social Media Network. Another important feature is vignette which could enhance the border of your photo.Get it on play store

  • 1Candy Camera
    Candy Camera is an Editor Choice app which would impress you by its feature. It has a nearly same feature as other photography camera apps have.Choose real-time filter when you capture selfies & make it more awesome & beautiful with its filters. Additionally, you can make a collage from multiple photos & different available sticker to make your pics more funny & rememberable.Get it on play store
  • cymera topbestofCymera
    Cymera is widely used & downloaded (200Million+) app. One can say that it can replace all camera app. It can give professional look for your photos whenever you capture at any moment. With its tonnes of new features let you give an artistic touch to your photos & photo editing tools comes with different shooting mode,7 different camera lens types, correction tools & image stabilisation to prevent from shaky shots. Create your selfie & photo more effective by using different types of filters, collage, emoji, exciting background, text feature, & hair style. It also supports different languages.
    Get it on play store

Best Editor (Photo)

  • picsart topbestofPics Art Studio

    Passionate of editing your photos, then you have a robust tool for editing the photo which has a download of 100M+. This app comes with a lot of creative tools, attractive filters, stickers & stylish text. With tonnes of feature options, beginners might get confused but it is easy after some uses. It can be also used while taking photograph, however, we think it is best editor tool you should try.Get it on play store

  • snapseed topbestofSnapseed

    The Snapseed app was developed by Google. It packs all those tools which make a user a perfect photographer. One of an important feature about this app is touch gesture-based editing.This type of editing to be present in any app is very difficult.Snapseed is primarily known for its filter effects like Vintage, Retrolux, Tilt Shift, Drama, Grunge, especially love the Healing feature and other cool effects in a minimal construction. As can say that snapseed is complete & professional photo editor tool which is easy to use also and it’s free of charge with no ads. Get it on play store

    SuggestionPrisma is also good photo editor but we can’t give a place in our list of best photo editor because of some bugs as when you upload a photo for making certain effect it stores that photo for one day. Most of the common user still unaware of this fact. So if you still want to use, you can use but don’t upload the important photo.If the app developer gives time to become popular among the listed best app they need more funding and research to improve things on Prisma.

Best Making & Editing Video App

  • viva topbestofViva video

    This app can give a solution to your problem regarding shooting or creating videos directly on your Android device. Not only record video but can also put as many different effects by downloading all kinds of materials for free of charge.Turn your photos into a movie including animated Stickers, FX, subtitles, dubbing & downloadable filter. A vast range of collage templates can merge clips to give an awesome story, once you’ve finished the video, you can share the result on YouTube or other social networks & can save for memories. It has downloads of  100+ Million, brilliant.Get it on play store

  • magisto topbetsofMagisto

    Magisto is an editor choice app. Magisto is a video editing tool and it can convert movies with little efforts which now makes over 100Million happy users satisfied with its features & Google listed it in Best Android Apps of 2015.
    Magisto Video Maker automatically turns your photos and videos into magical video stories along with music that you’ll want to share with friends and family on the social network even on Whatsapp. It creates the entertaining mp4 video by matching up its automatic editor with user-generated raw footage, background theme, music & time duration.From time to time Magisto movie maker can Surprise you with lovely video clips created from your photos and videos.Get it on play store

  • picsartanimator tpobestofPics Art Animator

    Passionate about animating, No problem. Now, Animation is made easy with PicsArt Animator in either GIF or video format. Its animation creator and cartoon maker features are designed for ease of use and provide maximum functionality. Make cartoon videos or animated GIFs in a snap, without any experience and just start drawing with your finger on a canvas or a blank screen, or use a photo from your gallery as a starting point. Make funny videos and cartoons – no advanced drawing skills required. Animate directly on your photos and bring them to life.Get it on play store

    Best Youtube Downloader

    • snaptube topbestofSnaptube

      The Snaptube gives a complete package to download any videos easily so that you can play offline later on your smartphone. This app is quite exciting to those who loves to watch videos. It has several search options with a section for most popular videos to most views, also offers a download option, plus also recommends latest daily popular videos and download YouTube videos in any resolution.
      This app integrates with most recommended video sites like Dailymotion, WhatsAppDaily, Vimeo etc, where you can download in multiple resolutions, direct mp3 downloads & watch tonnes of amazing videos. Since it is not available on play store so we provide you with a link.
      Link -To Download

    Best Music App

  • google play musicGoogle play music

    Google Player is very efficient, smooth music player. Since it is the official Google application allows users to listen to an entire music collection from anywhere.
    Gives you a storage of 50,000 songs in your personal collection. You can also create playlists and select favourites in order to organise your music and easily access it across Android, iOS, and the web, for free.
    Google Play Music is a tool that will allow you to listen to thousands of songs online. The only thing you need is to have a registered account and a reliable connection to Google Internet.
    It has now reached 1Billions+ of downloads.Get it on play store

  • musixmatch topbestofMusixmatch Lyrics

    Are you a lyrics lover then, you should choose Musixmatch as this feature you might not found in Google Play Music. It is an Editor choice app & is known because of its lyrics availability & can give you the possibility to read the lyrics while listening to all your songs on your smartphone devices.
    Having world’s largest collection of song lyrics compatible with music players like Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Google Play Music Winamp, WIMP, bTunes, Archos Music Player, and all your other favourite streaming services. You can listen to music through these music players and even then keep playing the lyrics from the app. Can fetch song info and cover art for your songs & featuring stable equaliser.Its recent update is attractive in look & has better clean Interface.
    Amazing, it has 10Millions+ of downloads.Now, Musixmatch is available on your Android Wear devices too.Get it on play sore

    Best Recording App

  • Gaao topbestofGaao Bollywood & Hindi karaoke

    Want to become popular among your friends, family & relatives, then go with this app. Make your follower by recording your song by using this voice enhancement technology app. Record your song with sound effects & then get ready to listen to a brand new version of your song. The app is also supported with karaoke that you can download it in free. Share the recorded songs on social network & received comments and likes from your friends. Amazing, it has 1Millions+ of downloads.
    Get it on play store

Best Learning App

  • khan academy topbestofKhan Academy

    Undoubtedly, Khan Academy is one of the best apps to learn. If you think that it is a roof to only one subject, so you are wrong. It covers almost all subject’s topic that anyone can learn a lot about from all over the world in free of charge. Along with learning, you can sharpen your skill by solving various practice paper & after this, you will get a feedback but only thing you need to do is log in with your user account. Even if you left your learning in between, no problem you can continue the same, later on.
    Learning through this app is quite easy no matter if you’re a second-grade student or a professor, you will always find a lesson to learn by watching interesting video, interactive exercise & in-depth article.In return, you’ll receive points and medals.It has 1 Million+ of downloads.
    Get it on play store

Best Language learning App

  • memrise topbestofMemrise

    Fond of learning New language then Memrise is a good app to learn. It is an Editor Choice app. You can easily learn the new language with fun by accessing to thousands of courses on any subject, even if you just want to browse the internet on what you already know.
    The training is like playing a game which it creates interest among learner. It uses audio, images, & memory techniques to help you to associate words with one another for easier recall, as well as a regular test to let you remind the same that you have learned from Memrise.
    No matter what you want to study, this app probably has more than 180 languages to learn from basic like French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Italian, Portuguese (from Brazil or from Portugal), Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and much more.
    It has 5 Milions+ of downloads.Get it play store

Best Dictionary App

  • hinkhoj topbestofHinkhoj

    Now, learning word meaning is easy in one app. It could give meaning from English to Hindi or Hindi to English. The best part of the app is that it gives the meaning of words along with definitions, synonym, antonyms. It also builds your vocabulary with daily word meaning. Even, it also creates interest within user for learning new words by engaging them in the game. Also, Words are provided with proper grammar usage like Noun, Adjectives, Pronoun, etc. Amazing, it has 10 Millions+ of downloads.Get it on play store

  • Parallel

    This app is the current leading English dictionary app. Interesting thing is that it take content reference from & Even, it is rich in words about 2 Million words is available here. Every day you will learn new words. Like Hinkhoj, it also supports Voice pronunciation.Some even give both the British and American pronunciations. Voice search command is also available if you are bored typing on the screen. It also supports spelling suggestion, word origin & translator. Amazing, it has 10M+ downloads.2

Best Mulitple Account App
  • Parallel topbestofParallel Space

    Want to get a different social account or different multiple game accounts like Facebook, Clash of Clan on one device, then parallel space is a perfect app that you should need. Parallel space is designed for the user to log into more than two accounts in one app on one single device, while the data of first account will be as it as it was installed & another one will be created on parallel space storage package. This app is quite useful for the Social Networking apps or Game apps. It has 10 Millions+ of downloads.
    Note: – Parallel Space does not need to require any root privileges, therefore, it can work on any Android device.

Get it on play storeBest Indian Train App

  • ixigo topbestofIxigo Train

    Want to get any information related to trains on one app without switching to any other app then you must go with “Ixigo Train”. You can get the information about Normal/local trains & Metro too. It will tell you about PNR status, seat confirmation prediction, seat availability, Booking, train running status, station alarms, offline route map & upcoming station detail. Even, we can also get the detail of the hotels, tourist places to our last destination. Now in it’s upgraded version, you can get details of Wi-Fi availability on which station you could get, upcoming station & can also switch this app to Hindi version which is quite easy for many Indians. Amazing, it has 5 Millions+ of downloads.Get it on play store

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