1More Piston Classic in-ear Headphone: In-depth Review 2017

1More Piston Classic in-ear headphone: Unboxing, In-depth Review 2017

1More Piston ClassicWhat happens when you get more, cheers reflects on your face. Similarly, 1More is the new audio company which aims to deliver more features than the present competitors. Unlike other companies their promises limited to their words but here in case of 1More, the scenario is different. Their work not only limit to their words but they do hard work and we say so because we have seen their effort as one of its earphones named 1More Piston Fit, ranked 1st in the list of the best earphones under Rs 1000 in India.

Their effort not only ended here but it has already won many awards in the field of Sound and design. Also, you will be surprised to know that-

Did you Know: Xiaomi’s popular piston is designed by the 1More.

Recently, one more product came out of the house of the 1More, 1More Piston-Classic earphone. And today we are going to review this earphone and tell you how is it performing on every stage. Under this review, we will judge the earphone with the priority order of sound quality, build quality, comfort, design & price.1More Piston Classic

So let’s dig out the user experience of the 1More Piston Classic earphone and let you know about it.

1More Piston Classic earphone: Price and Availability in India

Actually, 1More Piston Classic in-ear headphone was priced at Rs 1,999 but right now it is priced at Rs 1,499 and it is available for sale on Amazon India.

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Now let’s move to the 1More Piston Classic in-ear headphone’s depth review.


Let’s us tell you that what we found in the box during unboxing it.

  • 1More Piston Classic Earphone
  • Three Extra silicone ear pieces of different sizes i.e., XS, S, and L.
  • Warranty card that holds 1-year warranty.
  • A shirt metal clip.
  • A user manual.

1More Piston Classic: Design and Build Quality1More Piston Classic

1More Piston Classic was encased in a box and it’s packing was good & compact. Well, let’s move forward. When we take it out of the box, Piston Classic looks similar to the Xiaomi Piston- up to down same design, even same inline remote controller. Moving from 3.5 mm Jack to earphone, it has a gold plated 3.5 mm audio Jack and from 3.5 mm jack a strong kevlar fibre is used till the inline controller. This black colour Kevlar fibre is strong and add more value to the product. The inline mic controller consists of three buttons which give you control over call, & music.

Further, the soft thick rubber wire is used till the earphone. We check wire’s strength and surely its durability will long last. An extra rubber covering is provided at the joint of the wire and earphone to ensure its durability. Cylindrical shape given to the earphone makes it simple in look but it’s finishing we make you fall in love. Unlike other brands which use plastic, 1More uses aluminium body for earphone. The earphone fits easily and comfortably into the ear but if you are running or doing any exercise then it will fall off from the ear. Thus, it looks very simple but strong enough for the rough use.1More Piston Classic

1More Piston Classic: Review on Performance

We tested it playing various Hindi, Punjabi & English songs of various genres (Rock, Metal, Classical, pop etc). Before going to the depth review of sound quality, We want to tell you that if you are a lover of a well-balanced bass then definitely you will love it but earphone is not for the powerful bass lover.1More Piston Classic

We played Tushar Lal’s Pirate of Caribbean and I found that each & every node of the instrument (Flute, Tabla, Stereo Piano & Sitar) was clearly noticeable. With this, I can say that

Clarity reflects in Piston Classic

Till now, We can say that “For sound quality, this earphone is the best buy earphone under 1500”. Now its performance on the frequency then We conclude that Lows, Mids & Highs are well balanced. A song from Jai Paul’s Jasmine which is good enough to test ultra low frequency sound and stereo separation. This 1More Piston Classic handles all the stress easily. Even at the higher volume, it didn’t hurt much.1More Piston Classic

After the sound quality, isolation is an important factor and here in case of 1More Piston Classic, it is above average. Mean when you are at home or office, noise of talking, shouting or any else will not disturb you but when you walk on street, the noise will come inside and practically this much noise cancellation is good and necessary.

The audio on the microphone was clear. While we usually have difficulty with some earphones/headphones and are sometimes forced to hold the microphone in the right position and closer to my mouth, but we didn’t experience that at all with the 1MORE Piston classic, and we were able to talk into them naturally without any issues. Also, its mic has compatibility with the iOS/Android which add more value to the product.

Need much Better Earphone, check out this- 1More Single Driver in-ear headphone- Depth Review

Our Opinion/Verdict

1More Piston classic is the Best earphone under 1500. Hardly, any earphone will beat it in sound quality. It is the perfect choice for those People who are in search of well-balanced bass earphone but it is not for powerful bass lover. Also, its build quality and simple look add value to the product. Only the thing which we don’t like it was falling off the ear while running or doing any exercise.

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Key Specification of 1More Piston Classic Earphone [Explained]

  • Impedance- 32 ohms, which is good. (If impedance is more than 25 ohms then this earphone can also be used with a wider variety of audio devices).
  • Frequency Response- 20Hz -20KHz, which is good. (An earphone with a wider frequency can make you hear both lower frequency and higher frequency sound. The lower frequency sound consists of thump and bass while higher frequency consists of shrill and sharp sounds).
  • Cord length: 1.25m (125 cm)
  • Very light and portable i.e., it weighs only 18g.
  • Driver diameter- 10 mm, which is good. (More is the driver length, more is the sound quality).
  • Sensitivity value- 100 dB/mW. (The sensitivity range lies within 90-110dB/mW. Less is the sensitivity more protected your ear is).
  • Type (balanced armature / dynamic) – Dynamic. The Balance armature is better than dynamic but it is costlier than dynamic. The Balance armature is used in the earphone/headphone that cost over Rs 5000.
  • Inline control button which is compatible with Android and iOS device gives you control over volume, song selection, and response to calls.
  • Compatible with laptop/PC/mobile/tab.
  • Gold-plated 3.5mm Jack plug is straight.

Still, any doubt so feel free to ask via comment.

Thanks for reading. We are waiting to see you again.

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