‘Miko’ India’s First Emotional Intelligence Companion Robot for Children


Miko is India’s Emotional Intelligent Robot which could be a better companion for your children.

 Simply, MIKO is a brain robot with a loaded heart.

Key Feature-

  • Miko is a companion robot for children.
  • Guides & Entertains to the child.
  • It works via voice & text input.
  • Brainy as well as Hearty.

It is created in India by emotix.

Miko robot

Emotional Intelligence word is enough to describe the robot but still, If we talk about Miko then you will be surprised what Miko can do. It is a Little genius bot which has a wide pool of knowledge & even a wider pool of fun.The Little Robot can play & talk to children easily.

If you think that the price of this robot is too high then you are wrong, Since it is an Indian based company so the price is not so high. The Actual price of this Robot is ₹19,000.

Miko can play the game, sing a song, tells stories, do conversation offline, can answer whatever you ask Miko knows almost Everything. Miko has an interesting feature which is its Emotional belief system. Miko understands your like & dislikes. Miko will change as you change.This makes it a cool robot. Apart from that one thing that we liked is that it’s LED colour that glows in a different colour depending on what the bot is doing according to your mood.

It’s good for the parents to set rules on Miko as you can customise anytime via My Miko app. One can say you have Miko’s steering wheel always remain in your hands. It is compatible with Android & iPhone Smartphone Users.

Proud to know

Emotix is an Indian-based company which was founded in 2014 by three IIT Bombay post-graduates, named Sneh Vaswani, Prashant Iyengar and Chintan Raikar are the co-founder of Emotix.Now, they have a team of 20 members whose pillars based on roboticists, academicians, & neurophysiologist.

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